22 RV Storage Ideas For a Tidier & Spacious Trip

22 RV Storage Ideas For a Tidier & Spacious Trip

Did you know that, according to the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2017 Economic Census, RV dealers in the U.S. generated $25.9 billion in sales, an amount which was up 81.5% from sales in 2012?

If you’re one of the Americans who bought an RV in 2017 or who has since then, then chances are, you know that it’s important to come up with RV storage ideas.

Even though RVs are designed to make use of a small space effectively, chances are, your RV might end up not having enough room for you once you’ve packed in your clothes, linens, toys for the kids, and more.

The last thing you want is a crowded RV, when what you’re trying to do is go on a trip for some family fun. It’s frustrating if you feel like you have to give up on bringing something you need, just so you can be more comfortable on your next RV journey.

That’s why we’ve put together this guide for you. By knowing about all the right RV storage ideas, you can get creative in how you pack up your RV, and have more room than ever! Read on to learn more.

RV Storage Ideas Interior

Interior RV storage ideas

There are some pretty nifty RV storage ideas for the interior of your RV. From finding fun ways to hang up kitchen storage so you aren’t constantly going into the cupboards to grab what you need, to using magazine racks to store thinner items, here are some great storage ideas for RV interiors.

Magnetic Strip for the Wall

Magnetic Strip for the Wall

If you have a lot of large metal objects in your RV’s kitchen you need to make room for, such as salad forks, knives, and scissors, then using a magnetic strip you put up on the wall will solve space problems for these objects.

Additionally, if you need extra room for your spices and salt, you can stick metal trays to the magnetic strip, and then place the spices and salt there.

Free-Standing Door Unit

Wardrobe interior storage

Sometimes, it’s not so much having space that’s the issue, but not being able to organize it the way you want. So, instead of having a cluttered cabinet, put a free-standing door unit inside your cabinet. Secure it with bungee cords so it doesn’t slip around.

Now, you’ll have a set of drawers that can allow you to organize smaller items, instead of having to dig your hand into a cluttered drawer every time you’re looking for something you need.

RV Closet Organizer

RV Closet Organizer

Even though it might seem counterintuitive to put an additional item in your closet to make room, an RV closet organizer will reorganize your space so that there’s more you can hang up vertically instead of horizontally.

This means that, instead of having to stuff all your coats, shirts, and dresses all next to each other, with your shoes down on the floor all muddled together in a pile, you can have a much more organized closet. You’ll know where everything goes, in addition to having more room.

Dangling Jars

Dangling Jars storage ideas

As you can see from the RV storage ideas we’ve gone through so far, a lot of RV storage saving happens when you make use of vertical space. So if you find that you have many small items that are always scattered around your RV, use dangling jars as a solution.

To do this, simply attach the upper lid of a Mason jar to an upper cabinet with a screw or two. Voila, you’ve got a place where you can store small objects such as spices, safety pins, or bandaids.

Over The Door RV Trash Can

Products you can use as Over The Door RV Trash Can and save storage

Because you need a trash can, it’s not like you can simply take it out of your RV to make some additional space. But if you’re honest with yourself, having a trash can in the middle of your RV not only gets in the way, but also doesn’t always look (or smell) great.

To solve this problem, invest in an over the door RV trash can. You can hang it up on a low cabinet door, keeping your RV feeling tidy and clean while not having to stare at the trash you’re throwing away anytime you’re inside relaxing.

Portable Nightstand

portable nightstand and bedside caddies

When we’re tired, lying in bed, the last thing we have to do is get out of bed to put something away, like that book we’re reading or our glasses. However, many of us don’t have the luxury of having a nightstand in our RV.

Even if you do have a nightstand area in your RV, it’s going to be small, and likely to fill up with clutter if you’ve spent enough nights sleeping in the RV. Solve all of these issues by getting a portable nightstand, a caddy-style organizer made to hang right by your bed.

Velcro Remotes

Velcro Remotes for storage saving

If you’re constantly losing track of your remotes, then instead of placing them in a drawer full of clutter, use velcro to attach them to a high cabinet or the chair you usually sit in when watching TV.

Storage Bins in Cabinets

Storage Bins

By placing storage bins sideways in your RV cabinets, you’ll suddenly have a much more organized cabinet in which you can fold your clothes and place boxes of jewelry and accessories.

Fruit Hammocks

Fruit Hammocks

Because fruit rolls around and takes up a lot of space, it can be frustrating to keep it on the counter of your RV. But it’s important to stay healthy while you’re on the move, so you don’t want to avoid buying fruit, either.

Solve this problem by buying fruit hammocks that you can hang up with a hook on the wall or on the inside of a cabinet.

Foldable Tea Kettle

Foldable Tea Kettle

There’s nearly nothing as lovely as waking up in the morning in your RV, making a cup of joe, and stepping outside to enjoy the nature where you’ve ended up on your RV journey, whether that’s Virginia or California.

But if your tea kettle takes up a lot of room, then you won’t have much kitchen counter space. To solve this problem, buy a foldable tea kettle. Ensure you buy a high-quality one so that it’s safe to boil water inside it.

Shoe Rack

Shoe Rack

Because shoe racks can be hung in any closet and have shoe-size storage spaces, you can use a shoe rack to organize nearly anything in your RV. Whether you need additional space for your shoes, books, or electronics, a shoe rack will help you organize any of these items.

Magazine Rack

Magazine Rack products

A magazine rack is a great way to create more room in your RV. By hanging it up on your wall, you can clear floor space, and store thin objects such as books, magazines, flashlights, first aid kits, and more.

Reusable Spice Containers

Reusable Spice Containers that can help organize and save space on your RV kitchen

If you’re looking for extra storage for smaller items, such as band-aids, electronic wires, or snacks, you can use reusable spice containers to keep these items in. Because of the small size of spice containers, you can fit all these into a drawer and stay organized.

Command Strip Necklace Storage

Command Strip Necklace Storage

If you’re big on jewelry, then you know the frustration of opening up one of the cabinet doors in your RV only to find all your jewelry tangled together. To avoid this problem, use a command strip made for hanging necklaces.

This not only makes your life easier, but it also adds a bit of glam to your RV. This is especially important if your journey ends up taking to Las Vegas in the state of Nevada.

RV Bathroom Storage Ideas

RV bathroom storage ideas

No one likes using a cramped bathroom. In an RV, it’s already cramped enough, so you don’t want it to get crowded with use. By using the right RV bathroom storage ideas, you won’t have to worry about having a crowded bathroom, even if the space itself is small.

Suction Cup Bottles

Suction Cup Bottles

When you’re dealing with a small shower space, it’s too easy to feel like shampoo, conditioner, and body wash bottles are filling up all the space, making showering an uncomfortable experience.

Fix this problem by buying bottles that have suction cups on the side. If your favorite products don’t come with this option, then buy some bottles separately and fill them up with your favorite product before heading off on your next RV journey.

Over the Door Hangers

Over the Door Hangers

One of the best RV spacing solutions for your RV bathroom is using over the door hangers. By putting these up on the door, you have the perfect place to hang your towels. Additionally, you can hang a storage caddy there, making more room for your bathroom essentials.

Bathroom Shower Bag

Bathroom Shower Bag

If you’re sharing your RV with your whole family, then a separate bathroom shower bag designated for each person can be a great way to keep everything organized. Simply use a strong suction hook on the bathroom wall to hang them up on.

IKEA Towel Rack

If you don’t have room to hang your towels on your door, another option is to buy an IKEA towel rack and install it above your shower. That way, the towels are in reach but also completely out of the way.

Designated Toothbrush Holders

It’s also easy for toothbrushes to get mixed up (or to end up with them falling onto the bathroom floor, which nobody wants). Avoid this problem by designing your own designated toothbrush holders with the family.

Simply take a PVC pipe and cut it into the right size, and then have fun with your family decorating the outside with your name and any fun designs you want to include.

Magazine Holder for TP

One of the most annoying items that fills up space in the bathroom is toilet paper. But it’s not a problem you can fix by getting rid of toilet paper, since you’re always going to need more, especially on long road trips with your RV.

A great way to make room for your TP, keeping it organized and out of the way, is by putting some extra rolls inside an old magazine holder.

Seat Organizer

Another great way to make room in your RV is by hanging up organizers on the back of your car seats. After all, why not make more room using the part of the RV that you don’t even consider to be part of the living space?

RV Medicine Cabinet Storage

Just because you have an RV medicine cabinet, that doesn’t mean that it’s going to be easy to organize. Because of the limited space of an RV, medicine cabinets are usually small, and don’t have designated areas to organize your things.

Elastic First Aid Holder

A solution for making more room in your RV medicine cabinet is by using an elastic to place all your first aid products. Simply stretch an elastic across the medicine cabinet horizontally, and then staple around the products once they’re in there.

They’ll stay where they’re supposed to, no matter how much your RV moves around when going fast on the road.

Need More Tips?

Need more tips on the best RV storage ideas? Or maybe you want to come up with more DIY storage creations you can create with your family, like the designated toothbrush holders we reviewed in this article.

Whatever your needs might be, we’re experts at TravellBuzz on everything related to RVs, from how to save space to how to find the best deals on RV rentals. To ask us any questions you might have, visit our contact us page.