Rent Your RV

Why not rent your RV this year? Creating a listing is free and the sooner you get your profile the faster you will get some traction and trust in the market. After all, you, don’t have to pay a fee until you get a reservation in which case a small amount will be deducted from your total reservation price.

Listing your RV and managing your account:

  1. Create an account.
  2. Complete your listing: include photos, description, features, and generally as much information as possible for your renter.
  3. Review and accept your booking requests. 
  4. Meet with the renter: go through everything they may need to know and to hand over the keys.

As an RV owner you can make a decent income from your RV just by simply renting it to others at the days you are not using it. Some may see it as an opportunity to make extra income and others are realizing how big the demand is in this market and are turning it into a full-time business.

You can learn all about it directly from our partner’s original documentation or read through our summary of how you can make money from renting your RV. 

This article will provide you with the basic information on how you can rent your RV, and point you to the right platform and its resources. The basics will help you decide whether you should start creating your listing for extra money.

What can you realistically make from your RV rental?

RV rentals are a very broad topic. There are numerous factors determining the amount of money you can charge per day. We recommend that you do your own research by viewing some of the current rentals for each RV type, location, and brand.

The main factors are as follows:

  1. The type of RV you wish to list in the marketplace.
  2. The age of the RV and features are offered to people that are looking to rent an RV.
  3. The brand and model of your RV

Just by checking the market, we can verify the potential revenue you can bring when renting your RV. In this example, we can see that the average price of travel trailers is about $103.

Checking the prices of travel trailer type RVs

The lowest price is $75 and the highest price at $130. The majority of the rentals have received reviews which means that the example is based on proven price rates.

If we take the verified $103 average pricing and create an example to calculate the revenue from a 7 day successful renting of the RV it totaling at $455

Based on the verified price rates, the revenue generated when you successfully rent an average Travel Trailer for 7 days is $721. Think of the number of days in a year you want to have your RV available for rent and multiply by the average price. This will be the potential revenue per year based on the type of RV you are looking to rent.

Our partner’s rental calculator is reporting the below earning estimations for each RV type:

RV Type1 Week Income1 Month approx. income
Class A RV$1,4004 x $1,400 = $5,600
Class B$1,1204 x $1,120 = $4,480
Class C$1,1554 x $1,155 = $4,620
Camper Van$875 4 x $875  = $3,500
Truck Camper$875 4 x $875  = $3,500
Travel Trailer$6654 x $665  = $2,660
Folding Trailer$4904 x $490  = $1960
Fifth Wheel$8754 x $875 = $3,500
Toy Hauler$7704 x $770 = $3,080

The table above shows the potential of renting an average RV by type. In the case that you have established a good owner profile and some good reviews then you can easily have your RV booked for the entire month and even raise your nightly rates.

Ready to list your RV? Create a free listing

What should you expect when renting your RV?

When renting your RV on our favorite marketplace, every renter is verified. That means your RV will be in good hands and also you get to choose your rates and schedule. 

Apart from earning extra cash, you have the option to join a passionate community of RV owners, ready to advise and share their experiences with each other. 

The biggest benefit you will get is the worry-free rental experience as every rental is covered with liability insurance and free roadside assistance.

Do I have to pay a fee when I list my RV?

There is no fee to list your RV. However, you will only get 80% of the total reservation price and the rest will go to the marketplace that generates the traffic for your listing and ensures a smooth operation between the renter and owner.

Can you choose who can rent your RV?

It is entirely up to you if you want to accept the booking request. You can set your listing to be rented only when you manually accept the request. However, you will have the option to list your RV as instantly bookable.

When should I expect to receive the money?

When the RV has departed, money will generally reach your bank within the next 2 days.