Pop Up Camper: All You Need To Know

Pop Up Camper: All You Need To Know

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Caravans, camper vans, pop-up camper rental are all the rave nowadays. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that we’re each locked away, social distancing until the world tells us to do otherwise.

Nevertheless, the idle nature of sitting around indoors has enforced a collective desire to embark upon a journey into nature. And this journey calls for much more than our vehicles alone.

Some seek out camper and caravan vans to settle their itch for an outdoor adventure. Yet, some either don’t have that caravan budget or want something that can give them both the RV and tent-like-camping experience.

Pop-up campers are that two-for-one, and if you’re in need of more information or pop up campers and the process of pop-up camper rental, you’re in luck! You’ve found just the guide. Below we detail all that you’ll need for your upcoming adventure into nature.

Pop Up Campers Explained

As we mentioned above, pop-up campers (or pop-up camper trailers, tent trailers, folding trailer camper, etc.) are a bit of a two-for-one due to their dual functionality.

They are both a tent and a camper/trailer and they sort of unsung heroes amongst the camper/RV communities. This is especially great for those wanting to occasionally dip their toes in the camper van/RV lifestyle.

Many love pop-up campers because they are the lightest and typically the most affordable campers on the market. They also don’t require a different vehicle or knowledge in driving the larger campers as the pop-up campers are attachments that your personal vehicle tows.

Pop-up campers being lightweight allows for any size or type of vehicle to tow the camper. This is another favorite, especially amongst renters as they don’t need to fret about compatibility.

However, there are different types of pop-up campers sold or available for rental on the market and it’s worth being knowledgeable on the types to discern which is best for you and your upcoming adventure time.

Types of Pop Up Campers

There are 3 main types of pop-up campers you’ll come across during your online research. These campers have their unique functionalities and serve different needs with their designs.

Soft-Top Pop-up Campers

Example of a Soft Top Pop Up Camper

Soft-top trailers are quite possibly what you initially imagine when you think of a pop-up camper and for good reason. Many start off with renting this particular pop-up camper.

Soft top tent trailers are incredibly lightweight and easy to tow. They have mesh canvas walls that extend up and out, creating a tent-like camper/RV experience for its users. The set-up is also easy, however, the many parts can pose complications or confusion to novice renters.

Soft-top trailers normally can fit up to 4 to 5 people comfortably, however, some may run smaller and fit 2 to 3. If you want the camping-tent experience without the impracticalities that typically come with setting up and sleeping in a tent, a soft-top trailer is a wonderful enhancement and alternative.

Hard-Top Trailers (or High Wall Campers)

Example of a hard top pop up camper

Hard-top trailers are like a soft-top trailer’s more mature sibling. The top is hard, walls perched up high, and with an astonishing easy set-up, hard-top pop-up campers are worth the extra coin when buying or renting. If soft-top trailers are for enhanced tent camping, hard-top trailers are for affordable RV/caravaning.

They have the same canvas mesh walls and hard floors. However, they come equipped with a hard-top for better formality and a more “luxury” experience.

Hard-tops are usually larger than soft-tops and can comfortably sleep between 4-6, sometimes even 8 people.

Most of them also come with a built-in kitchenette, dinette, toilet, shower. This could be the pop-up camper for you if these amenities are an absolute necessity!

A-Frame Campers

example of an A-framed pop up camper

A-frame campers are slightly different from soft and hard top campers. For starters, their walls are solid instead of a mesh canvas. Setup is simpler too, it’s a matter of lifting the walls and then latching them in place.

Their solid walls do make them a bit heavier than both the soft-top and hard-top pop-up counterparts, however, this increase in weight doesn’t mean it is impossible to tow. For instance, if you have a small size SUV, towing this camper should be feasible.

Another factor worth considering if you’re interested in renting an A-frame camper is that they are much smaller than soft and hard top pop-up campers. With their shape being a literal A-frame, you’ll be sacrificing size in this iteration in design (they typically fit about 1-2, maybe 3 people).

Yet on the other hand, if you’re wanting to embark on a journey solo, perhaps the size and solid exterior of an A-frame camper are ideal for your solo use.

Pros, Cons & Challenges That May Come

Before renting your pop-up camper for your upcoming or impromptu adventure, it is worth knowing the pros, cons, and challenges that may come with pop-up campers. Pop-up campers are incredibly fun but just like camping, wearing rose-colored lenses will only do you a disservice.

Pros: Practical & Affordable

Let’s get into the pros of renting a pop-up camper first. Alongside all the aesthetic “Instagrammable moments” you’ll be able to take-in first hand, renting a pop-up camper is practical and affordable.

The size, weight, and mobility of a popup camper is why people choose this camper over RVs or caravans. Many like that they can simply attach the camper to the back of their car (regardless of the type of car that they own), and take off to wherever their heart desires. There is also virtually no concern for mechanical mishaps as pop-up campers are functional without the need of a motor, it is completely an engineless camper and therefore, lower liability when renting.

Pop-up campers are also affordable. Rentals range between $50 to $100 a night, however, many go for lower depending on where you seek out your rental and the type of pop-up camper you choose. It’s also worth noting if you’re seeking a long term rental, a lot of companies provide lower rates to their renters.

Cons: Set-up, the Elements & Privacy

The cons for pop-up campers could be true setbacks for individuals wanting an easy caravan/camper experience, one free from the elements and with complete privacy. Pop-up campers simply cannot provide the same ease of setup, protection from the elements, and “complete privacy” provided with a campervan, caravan, or RV.

However, are these true setbacks?

Hard-top and A-frame pop-up campers can help provide extra protection from the elements (if given a windy day or sudden, unexpected downpour), and A-frames provide pretty good privacy, although this means you sacrifice size and portability.

Nevertheless, each one of these pop-up campers (soft top, hard-top, and A-frame) requires a constant set up and this could become something of an annoyance, depending on your personality and patience. Some don’t mind the setup, and some do! If you intend on leaving the camper up or will be renting for a short duration, this shouldn’t pose much of a headache.

Regarding privacy, camper vans, RVs, and caravans of all forms and models aren’t always entirely private. Part of the experience is the exposure to nature and community that comes with these “motorhomes”, and so it’s hard to truly find a camper that can provide complete privacy. However, A-frames can serve as a “middle ground” if this privacy is an absolute necessity due to its solid walls.

Challenges: Is It Right for Me?

Apart from the above-listed cons, challenges that will come when renting a pop-up camper could be crucial to some. For example, some pop-up campers don’t come equipped with a shower or bathroom; as this is a “camper”, but some can forget that it holds up to its functionality in terms of its namesake.

Furthermore, when posting and setting up your pop-up camper, you need to know the locations. It’s worth doing research prior to renting on where you would intend on setting up your camper, free advice: look up multiple locations for extra assurance and check the weather for the locations and dates.

How To Rent a Pop-Up Camper

After reading all the information above, you’re probably ready to rent your pop-up camper, but, wait where do I rent one? Can I bring my dog? Can I have the camper delivered to a place of my choice?

What’re the most popular—

Hold your horses, all of these questions and more can be answered by your local RV/camper/caravan provider! We will say though, in starting the process for renting a pop-up camper, or any camper, be it an RV, popup, or caravan, go to your preferred search engine and make a quick search.

From there you can make a call and ask any questions to decipher which rental company is best for you. If you’re wanting to up the ante and book an RV, we recommend using our RV rental platform to match you to rentals right in your area!

Whether you choose a soft-top, hard-top, or A-frame pop-up tent, your next adventure earnestly awaits you, and we at TravellBuzz want to get you successfully equipped for your next adventure.

Your Next Adventure Awaits!

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There are so many benefits to renting an RV and the process is much more streamlined than you may think. If you’re curious, take a look at our guide and feel free to contact us if you have any persisting questions.