Fifth Wheel Trailers: All You Need To Know

Fifth Wheel Trailers: All You Need To Know

Following a huge upswing in demand for safe, family-friendly vacations, RV rentals soared during 2020 with many 75% of RV owners reporting a huge increase in profits from renting their vehicles.

Are you ready to join the trend? If so, a fifth-wheel camper rental could be the ideal fit for you. These RVs offer all the freedom of the open road, coupled with safe travels, and superior luxury.

Read to find out more about fifth-wheel RVs and why you should reserve one right away.

What Are 5th Wheel Campers?

Fifth-wheel trailers are similar to traditional motorized RVs and other towable trailers in many ways. They offer a range of interior comforts or bare essentials according to your needs.

The main difference with these trailers is that they’re much larger and heavier than traditional towable trailers. That means you’ll need a powerful vehicle with a specialized tow hitch, called a fifth-wheel hitch.

When you tow a fifth-wheel trailer, the front part of the trailer, where the tow hitch is, extends over the bin of your towing vehicle. This adds stability to the trailer, allows you to tow much heavier loads, and prevents trailer-sway.

These safety features mean that fifth-wheel trailers are a popular choice for both RV owners and renters. They vary in size from around 2,400 lbs. to 24,000 lbs., so you’ll need a hefty towing vehicle to take one of these trailers out on the road.

Apart from size, you’ll also find some fifth-wheel trailers that boast slide-outs to create extra space and some with top-of-the-range high-tech extras to ensure a comfortable trip.

With all these great features, you might be wondering how much it’s going to cost to rent a fifth-wheel trailer. Despite these luxuries, you could save up to 64% on the costs of your family vacation when compared with a hotel stay.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Fifth-Wheel Camper?

It’s easy to rent the RV of your choice when you work with a reputable RV rental agency. These are the steps involved:

  • Search for your ideal RV using your preferred filters
  • Create an account
  • Send a request for your required dates
  • Arrange for payment
  • Choose where to pick up and drop off your RV
  • Enjoy the holiday of a lifetime
  • Return your RV to the designated point

When you opt to have your RV delivered to the campsite of your choice and picked up onsite, you don’t need an expensive heavy-duty towing vehicle to enjoy a fifth-wheel RV vacation.

It’s by far the cheapest and safest way to experience the best of RV vacationing without any extra expenses.

You can find out more about the costs of RV rental in your area by reading this article.

Who Should Consider Fifth-Wheel Camper Rental?

Anyone can enjoy the fifth-wheel RV experience, but it’s ideally suited to larger families who need more sleeping space and more advanced catering facilities.

Some fifth-wheel trailers accommodate up to nine people comfortably. If you want extra luxury and space, it’s best to book a fifth-wheel trailer that’s slightly larger than your needs.

RVing’s considered a good fit for outdoor-loving families but there are RV campsites that offer a host of luxurious facilities like spas, restaurants, golf courses, and plush clubhouses too.

Pros and Cons of Fifth-Wheel Trailer Rental

If you love the great outdoors but still enjoy a few luxuries, a fifth-wheel trailer rental could be ideal for your family. Many RV parks even allow you to bring your family pets along and you can rent pet-friendly trailers too.

Some of the benefits of renting a fifth-wheel camper include:


Fifth-wheel trailers extend over the back of your towing vehicle. that means they’re much easier to tow, park, and maneuver than ordinary travel trailer rentals are. They’re stable on the road and sway less while in motion too.

If you’re nervous about towing a large trailer, a fifth-wheel camper’s a good choice for you.


Large interiors coupled with slide-outs mean you’ll have more living space inside a fifth-wheel trailer. This is especially important on rainy days when the whole family’s confined to one space.

There’s enough space inside a fifth-wheel RV to relax, cook, and sleep without having to fold up beds and shift things around. These RVs also offer superior storage space when compared with travel trailers.

Freedom to Explore

While a class A motorhome rental, class B RV rental, or class C RV rental match fifth-wheel trailers regarding comfort and safe towing, they fall seriously short when it comes to convenience. Unless you bring a second vehicle along, you’ll have to pack up everything every time you want to go somewhere.

With a fifth-wheel trailer, once you’ve set up camp at your chosen site, you can unhitch your tow vehicle. That means you’ve still got transport available if you want to go to the store or head out to explore nearby sites.

Some of the drawbacks that go along with fifth-wheel trailers are:

  • No access to living areas while in motion
  • Hitching and unhitching takes some getting used to
  • Smaller fifth-wheels lack an on-board generator

When you travel in an RV without an on-board generator, you can only stay in campsites that offer electrical hookups. Otherwise, you’ll have to go without some of life’s little pleasures, like air-conditioning.

Are you convinced that a fifth-wheel trailer’s the perfect vacation-fit for you? Take the next step.

Find Your Ideal Fifth-Wheel Trailer Rental

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