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RV Rentals Indiana

Sick and tired of coming back from your vacation worse than when you first left? Well, we might have a
solution for you. Have you considered RV rentals Indiana? If you’re looking into vacationing in this state, you’ll find this is a great opportunity to dive deep into nature and get lost in the wilderness. Feel the fresh air in your lungs and enjoy the peace and quiet that comes with camping with a rental RV.

Why do you think so many people have gotten into the RV camping lifestyle?RV Rentals Indiana Because it is a way to get a fresh new start, to enjoy a nice vacation without spending much and without being confined in a hotel room. Before you start googling “RV rentals Indiana”, hear us out. We can offer you the experience of a lifetime through our partners and we can assure you they’ll have just the right RV for you and your family, no matter the size.

Our partners also offer comprehensive insurance for any mishaps that might happen during your trip because you know, no matter how well we plan, there’s always a chance of something going awry. Renting from our partners, you can rest assured that you’ll have the time of your life with no worries.

Even if something happens to you or any of your family members, our helpdesk can help you locate the nearest emergency facility to your camping place just by making a quick phone call. You probably have some questions about how your RV rentals in Indiana will work. We’ll answer them just below.

Steps to rent an RV

    1. 1Filter the results to find an RV that fits your budget and needs
    2. Steps to rent an RV Online
  1. 2Create an Account and send a request to the owner for booking the RV
  2. 3Choose between pickup from the owner or pickup from a campsite of your choice
  3. 4Start your lifetime experience trip
  4. 5Return the RV

We have found some of the currently available Indiana RV rentals for you and prepared a small guide on
what to expect when renting an RV in Indiana. Generally, it is an easy process since you can filter the results based on type, price, and type for a peer to peer Indiana RV rental.

On the latest search we performed on our partners’ platform, we found that prices to rent an RV in Indiana ranges from $50 for a 33 feet travel trailer to $320 for a 35 feet Class A. An average price to rent an RV in Indiana is at $140 per night but you should be aware that the cost varies depending
on the size, type, age, feature, and availability of your RV rental.

Based on most RV rental companies, you have to be 25 or older to rent an RV in Indiana. No matter if you already have a driver’s license, it takes an experienced driver to drive an RV and that’s a safety measure we can’t ignore.

For your Indiana RV rentals, you need to be aware that in many ways it is just like renting a car in any state or city. You’ll always have to be insured. However, through our partners, you can get international quality insurance that will cover any emergency, including roadside assistance in case you get stuck while on the road with your RV. Like we mentioned before, better be safe than sorry.

At the moment this article was written, the smallest motorhome available to rent in Indiana was a 16 feet non-driveable folding trailer. It would be just enough for a small family of two to sleep comfortably.

Popup Trailers in Indiana


Now that we’ve answered all the most common questions about Indiana RV rentals, we have a small list of places for you to camp with your RV in the state of Indiana. We hope these will give you ideas of how you can find the perfect RV vacation spot in Indiana!


RV Rentals Indiana

You can stay for free at this campsite. There are toilets and shaded spots available for the warmer months.

A pretty enjoyable recreation area for adults and kids, this campsite costs you $5 a night. You can do some sightseeing at this perfect location which will take your breath away. Quiet and clean.

Perfect if you’re traveling with pets, this campsite even has a dog park along with a beautiful lake and grassy grounds. The nightly rate is $38, but it is completely worth it for a quiet place just off the highway. Very friendly staff.

For only $13 a night, you can stay at this state park camping with your Indiana RV rental. Close to Yellowwood Lake, it’s easy to go for a hike in the vicinity that will offer you amazing views. There’s also a good mobile phone signal if you need to stay connected.

This is an excellent park with a handicap accessible camp spot. It’s quite easy to access and easy to park your RV in there, no matter the size. During the weekends there are lots of family-friendly activities and there is a shower and bathroom building to make your stay more comfortable.

The nightly rate for this recreation area is only $2 a night, so it’s really affordable. If you’re looking for a cheap vacation, read on for more details on cheap Indiana RV rentals near the end of this post. There is a nature center, pool, and beach area which make it perfect for summer vacation.

This park has great reviews from visitors, and you can park your RV there for $27 a night. Just two miles away from Nashville, this park will make you feel like you’re on the Smoky Mountains with wonderful scenic views and tight-knit woods around it.

Just a few yards from the water in the closeby lake, you can enjoy the many activities this recreation area has to offer all year round. Sites offer a picnic table and fire pits, with water and electric hookups available. The price is only $23 per night.

This is a rather nice camping spot with a small stream of water running through it, large dog areas,
playground, and clubhouse. There is also a kiddie pool. It pays off for the price of $61 per night with all the activities available.

Per $17 a night, you can park your RV at this recreation area with plenty of hiking trails close by. The camp is clean and well-maintained and it’s perfect for privacy and quiet time since there aren’t usually many campers around.

Now that you have a list of beautiful campsites available for your trip, what are you waiting for? There’s even a free option and parks with nightly rates starting at $2, which are ideal if you’re looking for a cheap vacation with your family without compromising on activities.

If you’re looking for cheap RV rentals in Indiana, you can find them through our partners – read along to find a small list of available RV rentals that are cheap and comfortable.
If, on the other hand, you’d prefer luxury RV rentals in Indiana, there are also plenty of options for you. Take a look at our list of examples of luxury RVs for rent in Indiana that will make your vacation perfect.

If you’re looking for a luxury RV that will make your journey extremely comfortable, you’ll find that we have an assortment of luxury RV rental Indiana options.
Click the button below to land on the current available luxury Indiana Rv Rentals!

Search RVs In Indiana

If your main concern about traveling is saving money, we also have the right options for you without compromising on comfort. Look into our list to find cheap RV rentals in Indiana for your next vacation.

Cheap RV rentals Indiana


RV camping in Indiana is a perfect opportunity to get in touch with nature and feel carefree as you travel. Our partners’ insurance covers anything from animal impact to earthquakes, so no matter what happens in your vacation, it’s easy to fill out a claim from your dashboard at our partners’ platform. If you’re a foreign tourist looking into Indiana RV rentals, you will not be disappointed – our services and insurance cover international renters as well.

Get on the RV camping lifestyle for a real life-changing experience. You’ll never look back. Our partners offer you help with any common issues you might run into while on the go, helping you in every step of your journey with tips on how to use your RV, traveler’s assistance, help with booking tickets for events during your trip, restaurant reservations and much more. Are you ready to change your life forever?

For more information on what to expect on your rental process go to Rent an RV

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