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Do you love to travel? Planning an RV road trip is undoubtedly one of the most exciting vacations one can embark on! Serving as an economical family unit with the walk-through convenience of a motorhome, you can take your RV anywhere there are roads and highways and bridges to get there!

You have come to the right place if you are wondering how to find RV rentals in Tennessee.

Steps to rent your an RV in Tennessee, TN:

  1. 1Filter the results to find an RV that fits your budget and needs
  2. Steps to rent an RV Online
  3. 2Create an Account and send a request to the owner for booking the RV
  4. 3Choose between pickup from the owner or pickup from a campsite of your choice
  5. 4Start your lifetime experience trip
  6. 5Return the RV

Current Available RV Rentals in Tenessee

Whether you are planning a family vacation or want to go see the world with your best buddies, finding the best location is the most important part when you rent an RV. Tennessee is an amazing place to visit on a holiday because it has everything a holidaymaker can ask for – Smoky Mountains, plantation tours, Nashville for music lovers and Fall Creek Falls for those who are up for some adventure.

There is no better way to explore the breathtakingly beautiful parks and plantations of Tennessee and check out other amazing sights in the state than with a Tennessee motorhome rental.

It’s simply allowing you to go wherever you want to go and happily camp around nature.

How Much Are RV Rentals in Tennessee?

The costs of each Tennessee RV  depends on the type, size, features, and travel duration. But to give you a rough idea, small-sized trailers or campers usually cost around $75 to $120 per night.

On the other hand, if you are looking for proper motorhomes and larger and more luxurious RVs, that will cost you $100 to $250 per night.

When you rent an RV on a family trip or with friends, it is usually much cheaper than most forms of travel, for example, air transport.

In addition, there is no need to rent multiple rooms in a hotel to accommodate the whole family. You can easily move around, camp out, sleep, eat and even watch your favourite movies in your comfortable and cozy camper.

When you are searching for an RV through our site, we make sure that we keep everything pocket-friendly because your budget should not be the thing stopping you from exploring the world.

You can plan a perfect trip with your friends or family and contribute to the rent and have it all to yourself for as many days as you want.

This is a bonus of renting an RV because you don’t have to spend time and effort on deciding on a hotel.

Click here to check all the available Tenessee RV rental and decide what’s going to suit you the best.

Why Consider Renting an RV For Your Vacations?

Most of the time when people make plans to travel, they have to worry about several things and take care of every little detail.

It can be difficult to navigate and roam around in a place you are not familiar with, or stay in new hotels day and night.

Moreover, we all know how hectic and tiring traveling can be. But  RV rentals in Tennessee can take care of half of the things on your plate.

You no longer have to spend hours finding the perfect hotel that is close to all the beautiful landmarks and destinations you want to check out when you head to a new place.

You don’t have to stress over whether you packed all the travel essentials or not.

These are some of the many benefits you can get when you rent an RV.

Truth be told, most of us would love going on adventurous little trips every once in a while, especially if we didn’t have to micromanage everything.

When you decide to buy a plane ticket or go by train, you end up missing all the little spots on your way. After all, traveling is all about exploring the world and learning new things.

Once you decide to rent an RV in Tennessee and pick a place to travel to, all you have to do is pack the essential items and take out a map so you can visit every pit-stop along your way.

Freaking out about spending time in a foreign city and being in an uncomfortable spot?

Renting an RV helps you arrange a comfort zone of your own while you wander, and that’s something you can’t get when you travel by any other means.

So, take out that favorite blanket of yours that you can’t sleep without and have your own little luxurious hideout.

RV Rentals in Tennessee a budget-friendly alternative, offering you a memorable experience with no other worries on your mind.

Do I Need to be a Certain Age to Rent an RV in Tennessee?

The minimum age to rent an RV is 25 years in most states of the US, including Tennessee.

Any responsible adult of 25 years age or older, with a driver’s license, can rent an RV if he or she is legally eligible for it.

However, if you are a young group of friends looking to rent an RV, we can draw out a plan for you where you might not be allowed to rent any larger vehicles but can try other options, such as pop up campers.

Do I Need Insurance When I Rent an RV?

Most RV rental companies offer free insurance; however, these insurance plans do not cover everything, and any mishaps or damages to the RV have to be paid by you.

If you are renting extravagant (motorhome), you may have to buy additional insurance plans as larger vehicles will require extra protection.

Most companies charge you a security fee beforehand, but this is paid back to you once you return the RV, given that no harm is done to the RV.

Before you finalize any deal, you must read and understand all the terms and conditions set by your rental company to avoid any future problems.

Can I Rent an RV One Way?

If you are visiting a friend or relative in another city and want to enjoy some traveling as you go, you can look for RV rentals in Tennessee that are part of the pickup program.

The pricing will vary depending upon where you are traveling and how long you will use the vehicle. Be sure to check with the vendor and each renter individually to find out more about renting their RV one way.

Can I Bring My Pet When Renting an RV in Tennessee?

A lot of people consider their pets a part of their family and what’s a vacation without your family?

You can bring your pet along with you, but make sure to confirm with the renter before you book. If you are looking for pet-friendly vehicles, then you can find some amazing pet-friendly rentals here.

You can read the descriptions before you make any decision.

Dandridge is a charming small town that features stunning views of Douglas Lake.

Enjoy things like fireplaces and fire pits, a pool, and kids play area, a fishing trail and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

You can fill your days by exploring this place with convenient access to other popular destinations and outdoor adventures that can be found here.

This luxury resort is one of the newest RV parks in Tennessee. Located on Lake Douglas in Dandridge, there are spectacular lake views, as well as marvelous glimpses of the Great Smoky Mountains.

There are a lot of activities here that can keep you busy and entertained, including relaxing by the lake and enjoying a variety of outdoor sports with your friends and family.

You can travel to Dover if you are a fan of the untamed wildlife and enjoy the beauty of ‘Land Between the Lakes’.

The area is perfect for RV campers because it is beautiful and quiet – surrounded by the breath-taking stretch of the lake.

You can have a lot of fun while horse-riding, hiking, and getting in touch with nature.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park is one of America’s most frequently visited parks.

It is another great place for RV campers – offering ample space to camp, running water, outdoor areas, and a remarkably serene natural environment.

You can cool off in the recreation centre, or camp in the open and enjoy nature at its best.

Who hasn’t heard of Elvis Presley? Head out to Memphis and see this wonder for yourself.

There is a huge collection of Presley’s memorabilia in Graceland that you can check out and get a sneak peek of his extraordinary life.

There is a nice RV park and campground here where you can stop and lounge for a while.

RV Parks & Campgrounds in Tennessee

If you need a place to give you and your RV a break after being on the road for a while, you can visit some great places in Tennessee while you relax and rejuvenate!

  1. Riverside RV Park
  2. Great Smoky Mountains Park
  3. Fall Creek Falls State Park

This park not only has great views, but it also offers a wide range of modern facilities and amenities to make your vacation as easy and comfortable as possible. It is a quiet campground perfect for a beautiful night with your friends, where you can host a movie night or bonfire as you wish.

Image with information about Riverside RV Park and Resort

For more information visit: Walnut Groverv Website

Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a favourite spot for tourists and campers due to its unique location and spectacular scenic beauty. But that’s not all because there is a long list of activities that you can indulge in when you visit Tennessee. It is the perfect place for friends, family, and even your kids. You can take full advantage of the vast grounds and have a barbeque night as well.

Information about Great Smoky Mountains Park Information

For more information visit:

If you want to have a full camping experience, you can visit Fall Creek Falls in your RV.

The camping site offers stunning views of the 256-ft high waterfalls which are close to the parking area and can be easily reached by foot.

What’s more, you can enjoy all the amenities and kick back for a few hours. This amazing recreation area has a lot of activities and games going on all the time so your kids can have a great time.

You can spend as long as you want and make the most of your time here.

Image with information about fall creek falls state park in Tennessee

For more information visit:

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