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What is an RV Rental?

Looking for a vacation of a lifetime, unrestricted by transportation and distance? Want to explore a large area without having to give up homely comforts? Aren’t too keen on vacationing miserably in a drenched tent?

An RV Rental in Traverse City, MI, such as a trailer, is an ultimate way to experience a vacation destination without being restricted to one fixed location, and also without being deterred from exploring!

These recreational vehicles allow you to move from campsite to campsite when on holidays, with the added bonus that these motorhomes guarantee affordability since they are cheaper than most hotels and resorts. The math is simple: if 2-6 people are renting and staying in an RV, the cost will be divided and much lower than 6 people booking multiple rooms in a hotel.

A vacation in an RV rental in Traverse City in Michigan is bound to result in an experience of a lifetime as you travel through glorious fields, around lakes and eat at delicious restaurants! The RV you rent can come equipped with amenities like a fridge, oven, stove, and much more – allowing you to have the full experience of a home on a wheel, opening up the world of hiking, fishing, and sightseeing! Find RV Rentals now by clicking here!

Popular Destinations

1.The Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore

The glorious Leelanau Peninsula is just North West of Traverse City, and houses the Sleeping Bear Dunes. When taking a trip with an RV Rental, make sure to explore the immensely beautiful landscape with its 64-mile curve of beaches, cozy-looking coves and sloping hills, all of which have been a part of the national park system for decades.

2. The Grand Traverse Commons

If you are interested in architecture, the tucked-away, breath-taking Village at Grand Traverse Commons brings you a historical redevelopment, in real-time.

Not only will you be glued to the windows of your motorhome as you arrive closer, but the castle-like imposing structures of a Victorian Mental Asylum is also in a hiker’s heaven – a 480-acre wooded park!

Smell the history permeating the air and get away from modernity in your very modern RV while exploring the cream-coloured structures, red turrets that are now restaurants, shops, apartments and galleries right out of a fairy tale!

3. The Old Mission Peninsula

If you don’t have an entire day to explore the acres of Leelau Peninsula, the narrow ridge of the Old Mission Peninsula contains a range of beautiful landscapes, such as lake views, vineyards and orchards that you can explore within an afternoon!

With a compact size of 18 miles in length, wine touring makes an ideal occupation there, along with a chance to visit the quaint village of Old Mission – where whites and Native Americans worked together!

Don’t miss a chance to see the comfortable-looking Mission Point Lighthouse on this trip!

Things to Do in Traverse City

Things to do In Traverse City while visiting with your RV

1.Wine Tasting

With 40 different wineries, vineyards, and tasting rooms, the 45th Parallel should be every alcohol connoisseur’s dreamland! With the perfect, well-balanced weather conditions shielded by the looming Grand Traverse Bay, the fruit has all the more time to ripen and become smooth luxurious wine! You’ll be walking around a tad bit tipsy after tasting the crisp whites and the deep, rich reds, so make sure to have someone else drive the RV Rental!


For people who love eating organic and locally-sourced foods, the house-made butter and ripe fruit bring both the bursting and subtle flavors of the farms to your table.

The freshness of the region, along with the agricultural diversity and the commitment of local restaurants to promote farm-to-table dining – the food you will eat here won’t just be healthy, but also delicious!

3.Outdoor Recreation

Ate too much-churned butter and cottage cheese at the restaurant and you are now worried about putting on the vacation pounds?

Never fear, because the region not only provides apt spaces for your RV Rental to be parked in, but is the fitness freak’s haven! Get up and get moving with more time in the mid-summer day at your hands to hike, fish, golf, swim, play tennis.

In the winter season, there is no possibility of slacking with cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, snow-tubing, and ice-skating opportunities!

Campgrounds in Traverse City

RV Campgrounds in Traverse City

1.Traverse Bay RV Resort

Booked an RV Rental in Traverse City, and unsure about where to go? The beautiful landscapes and the luminescent water of the Resort – 10 miles east of downtown – await you!

Specially built for comfort with amenities that include an outdoor heated pool and spa, modern fitness center, clubhouse, library, complimentary bikes for your fitness regimen on vacation!

What’s more? You can park your RV under some trees and hop on the free shuttle to a nearby casino!

Find out more information on how to book a spot in Traverse Bay RV Resort.

2.Keith J. Charters Traverse City State Park

A mere 2 miles away from downtown, the Keith J. Charters Traverse City State Park allows for your RV Rental in Michigan to become an experience to remember, it is that conveniently located amongst 47 wooded acres!

Not only is it merely minutes away from the picturesque beach right off Grand Traverse Bay, but for the extra experience: bring a bike!

Get around not only on your house on wheels, but the Traverse Area Recreation Trail (TART) leads away from the state park into a well-marked trail, which you can then take into shops, restaurants, breweries and bars, and also to more beaches or waterside parks!

3.Holiday Park Campground

Placed alongside the southern shores of Silver Lake in Traverse City, is a beautiful campground perfect for parking your RV Rental from Michigan, with abundance awaiting you every breath you take.

Anything you need to make your vacation magical: cables, fire rings, picnic tables – this campground isn’t only a campground, but a luxuriant vacation getaway!

Craving that fresh salt air after hours of driving your RV Rental? The glorious, shimmering beach awaits, with a private area, a boat launch with rentals, and for the gym enthusiasts – miles of paved roads for jogging or going for a run.

To find available campsites and more information, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions on Traverse City RV Rental

Can I Rent an RV One Way?

An RV Rental in Traverse City Michigan one way is a prudent decision for several reasons if you’re planning a getaway!

Selecting a motorhome allowing you to rent one way, picking it up at a pre-decided location, and then driving off for a new adventure is a wonderful trip guaranteed right there!

You can determine where the rental agency wants you to drop it off at the end of your one-way trip as per your rental agreement, and that’s where your responsibility ends!

RV Rentals in Traverse City aren’t just accessible; they’re also accommodating for the duration of your trip and ensure that you have a great vacation in a way that prioritizes convenience.

Not only is it less expensive than booking it for a full trip, but you also won’t be exhausted driving it all the way back home, allowing you to return to that RV Rental lifestyle without investing truckloads of money into buying one!

Rent an RV Rental to depart on the trip you’ve been looking forward to having, with the convenience of not worrying about the logistics of when and how you will go all the way back to drop the RV where it came from!

Find one-way rentals by clicking here.

Can I Rent an RV Long-Term?

If you’re availing a long vacation from the stress and strife of work, and want to spend weeks and days on the road, a long-term RV Rental in Traverse City places you in the position to embark on a much-awaited adventure you would like!

Not only is it an incredible way to explore Traverse City and its beautiful sites, but it’s also an affordable endeavor to take things at your own pace, spend time at sites you like best, and not worry about returning your wheeled home for a time to come!

Vacationers of all ages and backgrounds can avail long getaways by booking an RV- a tired pensioner looking for a good time, or a fitness enthusiast and wellness freak, even large families.

Not convinced as to why you should book one long-term? Some of the advantages you get from an RV Rental is that is not only much more affordable than flights and hotels, they also avoid the struggles of campsites such as unforeseen rain, the time spent in setting up and taking down tents, and also come equipped with all modern conveniences even if you’re napping out in the middle of the wilderness.

Always hesitant to leave your furry friend behind for a long time? Pet-friendly rentals will have you covered.

There is enough sleeping room for many people so you don’t need to invest in or carry multiple tents – there is ample room for working, a place to prepare and store food in kitchenettes that are pre-installed and you don’t need to stop every couple of miles for bathroom breaks.

Most importantly, you don’t have to spend a huge amount of money on travelling at your own pace and schedule, since RVs are much cheaper than hotels, especially if more people are renting a motorhome together.

If you’ve got some money in the bank and still want a stellar vacation, you should book an RV long-term for that extended trip and save yourself hundreds of dollars!