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The Ultimate Guide To Rental Rv California

Also called the “Golden State,” California is one of the most diverse states in the United States. From beaches and deserts to mountains and rivers, you’ll find tons of natural and man-made attractions in this state. So if you want to enjoy your vacation on the road, California is the place to go. There is no shortage of fun that you can have in California.

So pack your bags and get ready to have the time of your life. But before you can step out, you should consider renting RV in California. Our small guide will help you in making the right decision when booking the RV, so you can spend your vacation without any difficulty. Our guide will also take you through some of the best campgrounds found in the province, so you can choose your holiday location easily. Let’s dig in.

Available Rental Rv California: Class A, Class B, Class C, Campers, Trailers, Fifth-Wheel, Motorhomes

How can you rent an RV In California?

By renting RV in California, you can enjoy the flexibility and benefits of RV travel without paying the costs of its ownership and maintenance. Many tourists will tell you that renting an RV is the best way to experience the outdoors and nature in California. A Google search will land you at various companies offering Rental Rv California services.

Making the right decision can be tough, with so many options available. But you should always consider your priorities first before renting the RV. For example, the motorhome size you choose should be according to the number of people that will be traveling. You should consider your total holiday budget to see whether a specific RV is affordable or not.

Furthermore, it is also essential to keep any extra requirements into account. For instance, if you are a pet owner, a pet-friendly RV should be on top of your list. You can also choose your own type and class of the RV, all according to your preferences.

Our Partner is one of the best places to rent RV in California. With excellence at the core of the services, Outdoorsy has a wide range of RV options, allowing their customers to make their choice according to their needs. With excellent customer service and various perks, you can find your dream rental.

How much Rental Rv California cost?

You can find good small folding trailers and campervans that can be rented from $50 up to $100 for each night. Prices tend to be higher for larger motorhomes and trailers, ranging from $200 to $450 per night. However, if you rent an RV for a more significant period, let’s say a week or month, it can cost an average of $60 per day.

Luxury RV Rentals CA

A Luxury Rental Rv California can really change your entire vacation experience. From organic bedding and kitchenware to unlimited generated hours, outside tables, and entertainment facilities, you can bring the hotel experience with yourself on the road. Although Luxury Rental Rv Californiaa are heavy on the pocket, if you are looking for special features like satellite TVs, slide-outs, full kitchens, and might engines, luxury is the way to go.

Cheap RV Rentals CA

Who says you can’t have fun if your budget is limited? With cheap RV rentals in California, you can hit the road without going overboard with your budget. These RVs come with all the essential features needed for a vacation, such as comfortable beds, supportive engine, and a kitchen. With so plethora of choices, you can pick the RV according to the extent of your journey and still have fun in California by renting a cheap RV.

Is there any age requirement?

Although the legislative terms and conditions differ for every RV rental company in the US, the minimum age of the individual renting the RV is 25 years old.

Do you require insurance to rent an RV in California?

Your RV rental company will most probably rent out an RV with insurance. However, it is always best to discuss the insurance matters of the vehicle beforehand.

What is the smallest motorhome available for renting?

The smallest motorhome available in the state was a 6 feet custom camper and truck.

You can view some of the images below:

Smallest Motorhome California Rental

Smallest Motorhome California Rental Back SideSmallest Motorhome California Rental Bed   Smallest Motorhome California Rental Inside

Located 16 miles outside of Happy Camp Town, the No Mans Trailhead makes camping more increasable with its picturesque view of the Siskiyou Wilderness. There are various tons of dispersed camping near the area with easy access to the Creek National Recreational Trail.

Take your California RV Rental on this no-fee campground if you want to enjoy the majesties of the Pit River Arm of the Shasta Lake. With over 30,000 acres of the surface area near the lake, you can hike, swim, fish, bike, and boat near the Shasta-Trinity National Forest.

Adjacent to Redwood Valley, campers can take their luxury or cheap RV Rentals in california if they want to camp near the Pacific Ocean. The area is beautified with many miles of mountain biking and hiking trails. Every one of the five sites here comes with a picnic table and fire ring.

Found 30 miles north of Susanville, the location is perfect for all the wildlife watchers. The Eagle Lake near the campground hosts one of the last nesting osprey found in the western US. The eagle lake trout are also found in this area only.

Want to get a national park-type view but not pay a fee? Cherry Lake is where you should go. Found just outside of the Yosemite National Lake and near the Stanislaus National Forest, the Cherry Lake allows visitors to fish, boat, hike, and swim near the water.

This beautiful wooded part of the Rock Creek Canyon offers scenic campsites with numerous amenities. From fishing and camping to horseback riding and wildlife viewing, you can have a mix of sun and shade here at this location.

East Fork Campground California Rates Chart

For more information visit: Recreation

Looking forward to having a vacation with the family? Visit Casini Ranch, a family and pet-friendly campground with all the amenities you desire. Some amazing amenities at this campground include seasonal weekly beach bonfires, hiking, fishing, playgrounds, basketball, ice cream social, movie nights, and hayrides.

Rental Rv California

Spend your vacations in a forest setting on a ranch of working cattle. Within 20 minutes near the Lodi or Stockon, the campsites are surrounded by various pastures and vineyards. Basic amenities include picnic tables, potable water, and showers. It cost $20 per night.

Connect with nature in a more refined way by camping on the Ventana campground. Located in the north of San Simeon, each campsite comes with a fire ring, picnic table, water faucets. The location is near to various restaurants, delis, general stores, and post offices too.

Since 1969, the Olema Campground is known for providing an unforgettable outdoor experience to all those who love adventures. Located near the Point Reyes National Seashore, you can enjoy the wilderness and nature here without any hitch.


California is where the magic happens. Whether you are looking for a beautiful weekend or you want to have a more meaningful time with your loved ones, rent an RV today, and step outside to the state’s spectacular campgrounds.

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