Rent an RV Ohio

Rent an RV Ohio

You can easily filter your results by location, Vehicle type, pet-friendly and find a motorhome that suits your needs at Outdoorsy. They offer great support and make RV rentals easy and safe

Here are two examples of what we have found on Outdoorsy on a recent search. By filtering the results to find the cheapest current available RV to rent in Ohio we have found a 13 feet non drivable Trailer that sleeps, two people. On the other hand, the most expensive RV we have found was a Luxury 24 feet Class B type motorhome with the ability to sleep up to 10 people and the price per day was nearly $350.

Have you ever wondered about how you could improve your quality of life and be a happier, easy-going person? Well, the way you spend your time really does help making life better for you and your family. We spend most of our lives working, so it’s quite important to pick the right activities for our vacation time to relax and unwind just enough to be able to face our responsibilities without going insane. When was the last time you had a careless vacation with your family? Not having to worry about hotel bookings, activities for the whole family to spend quality time together…

Why don’t you rent an RV Ohio? If you’re planning on going this way for your next vacation, Ohio has plenty of perfect places to camp – and RV rental in Ohio is easy to sort with our partners’ help.

Having plenty of options to choose from our list of RV parks in Ohio, you’re probably already looking forward to RV camping in Ohio. Our partners can provide you with just the right option for your family vacation.

With 24/7 customer service, you can experience your first RV rental in Ohio as if you were a seasoned camper. Our international partners provide you with all-around insurance covering pretty much anything that could happen in your vacation to your rental RV or even yourself. Insurance provided for our Ohio RV rentals covers vandalism, backup accidents, fires, power surges, earthquakes, fallen trees, windstorms, hailstorms, animal impact and even stolen RVs.

You will also get roadside assistance coverage, which includes many services like jump starts, delivery of fuel or emergency fluids for your RV, mobile tire assistance, locksmiths, not forgetting mobile mechanics available to assist you on the road. International travellers can also be covered by all these services provided by our partners, so if you’re travelling to RV camping in Ohio from abroad, you can rest assured you’ll still have access to all the help you could possibly need.

Renting from our partners also includes access to a 24/7 hotline which will help you with every simple technical issue, including locating service facilities. This is just another one of the helpful services that you can count on when getting an RV rental in Ohio through our partners. Our partners also help you manage restaurant reservations, RV campground referrals, ticket coordination for other activities, and finding pharmacies, hospitals or emergency care facilities.

RV rentals in Ohio are the best way to enjoy an amazing vacation with your family without spending an outrageous amount. You can enjoy the wonders of nature and wildlife in Ohio knowing you’re insured – because no matter how hard we try to avoid them, accidents can happen. In case you need it, you can easily file a claim through your online dashboard. So, what are you waiting for to create an account and enjoy all of this as you rent an RV in Ohio?

Nature is beckoning you to come and enjoy the wonders of RV camping in Ohio!

More details on how to rent visit our Rent an RV page.


Great Campgrounds to take your RV rental

Near a small lake, this campsite is completely free of charge. If you rent an RV in Ohio, this is a must-go for your next vacation. This is a quiet and secluded campground at which you can fish and hunt (if you have a license, which can be easily obtained).

This is also a free option for a campground, so if you’re on a tight budget you can save money by staying at this location without compromising on your safety and comfort. This is a pet-friendly campground, so you can bring your four-legged companion with no hassle. There are bathrooms available and drinking water for campers to use.

Perfect for hunting and hiking, Hook Lake is also a free campsite. Very nicely maintained, this campground has numerous backroads which you can explore with family for a bit of a thrill. With the lake so close by, a great view is guaranteed.

Sand Hollow is also free, but with no water available, it’s more suitable for seasoned RV campers. However, if you’re looking for a life-changing experience in the wilderness, this is a great spot. Its quiet nature is perfect if you’re looking for a vacation off the grid.

The last free option on our list (you can find many more options at, along with reviews by previous campers), Maple Grove has a few nice amenities like picnic tables and fire rings that can help you feel more comfortable. We advise you to arrive early to pick a spot with a great view, since this campground is first come, first served.

Sites that cost money are ones that usually have some extra amenities that make the experience a little easier or cleaner.

At $14 per night, you can enjoy nature at this campground located at the Monongahela National Forest for a pretty reasonable price. Depending on the time of the year, this tends to be a really quiet campground with very few campers, providing you with the perfect getaway spot. There is also water onsite.

If you’re looking for a way to stay connected while on vacation, this is one of the few campgrounds in this area in which you can get phone signal with all major providers. You can walk through the trails in the woods to find a river close by. However, keep in mind this campsite accepts only online bookings, so book your trip in advance. Only $15 per night.

For $15 a night, you can stay at this simple campground with a friendly, laid back host that will make your stay quite nice and comfortable. There is even a roped area for swimming and a playground which can come in handy if you have small children. There are also picnic tables and fire rings available, making this a quite nice spot for taking your Ohio RV rental.

At $15 per night, this campground has quite a nice set of amenities: walking trails, baseball and soccer fields, a picnic area, tennis court, a playground for children and an amazing dog park. There are bathroom facilities, electricity available, and each spot has a table and a fire ring. A quite reasonable price for plenty of family fun.

This campground offers you plenty of fun options close by at a price of $11 per night. You can explore the trails through the Dolly Sods Wilderness, or hike a bit to find the Blackbird Knob trail. If you want to watch a beautiful sunset, the perfect spot is just across the road from the campsite. Perfect for hiking and trailing.


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