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RV Rentals Maryland: How To Rent an RV in Maryland

The easiest and safest place to for RV Rentals Maryland is through Outdoorsy. You can filter out the results using factors like exact locations, type, size, pet-friendly and class of motor-homes available to rent. You will need to register an account with them and find the most suitable RV for your trip as well as the closest to your location. With the great support and the variety of options, you can easily settle your next trip to Maryland.

If you are looking to rent an RV in Maryland, the cost ranges from $25 to $320 per day. On 29/11/2019 we have found a 26 Feet Trailer type RV that sleeps 4 people renting at $25 per day. On the other hand, we have found a 23 Feet luxury trailer that sleeps 4 people at $320 per day. Prices will vary depending on the type, age, features and extras of each motor home.

You have to be at least 25 years old to be able to rent an RV in Maryland according to state law.

Renting an RV, in many ways, is just like renting a car in any city. You need to be covered by insurance to rent an RV in any state of the US. Fortunately, our partners offer the right solutions to cover you during your trip to Maryland with quite comprehensive insurance in case of power surges, fires, stolen RVs, backup accidents, vandalism, fallen trees, windstorms, earthquakes, hailstorms, even animal impact. If you need roadside assistance, that is also included with all services listed at our platform. This includes mobile mechanics which will assist you on the road, anywhere you need.

19ft Motorhome

Depending on the availability, if you’re looking for a small motorhome or campervan, you can find a 2-3 people Class B van with a length of 19 feet in our partner network. This might not be the smallest motor-home but it is a fairly small vehicle that can satisfy all your trip needs.
RV Rentals Maryland: How To Rent an RV in Maryland
A non driveable Folding Trailer can be as small as 9 feet but you will surely miss any kind of extras for your trip. This means you will be required to have your car on the trip and use this folding trailer similarly to as it was a camp tent.


Available RV Rentals Maryland

Check some of the current RVs and motorhomes available to rent in Maryland at our partners’ website.

Popular Maryland Areas to Rent an RV:

RV rental Frederick, MD
RVrental Annapolis, MD
RV rental Baltimore, MD

You’ll find many different types of vehicles such as RVs, campervans, stationary trailers, vintage trailers, non-mobile “destination campers”, travel trailers, fifth wheels, park models, towing vehicles, truck campers, conversion vans, Westfalias, VW campervans, and more.

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Want to escape from the city for a while? Considered a vacation in an RV.

If you want to visit Maryland and wish to know where to rent an RV, you’ll find all the answers in this article. What do you think about getting to know nature untouched, seeing amazing views as you wake up and watching the sunset from the comfort of your motorhome? Luxury RV rental in Maryland is easy through our partners, and you’ll be amazed at what a vacation in the wilderness can do to make you more calm and relaxed. Your responsibilities will even seem easier to handle once you try RV camping and the comfort it provides even in the wild.

Now if you’re already looking for cheap RVs for rent in MD, you just got lucky. You can count on our partners to offer you RV rentals of all kinds. Other than RV rental, they offer 24/7 customer service for your rentals and, renting from seasoned veterans, you’ll experience your trip like one. International insurance companies partner with them as well so you can be at ease in your vacation knowing you’ll be covered.

If you run into common issues like using retracting slide outs, leveling jacks, connecting to a power supply, operating your RV appliances or even locating the nearest service facility, the helpline will also be available to help you with every step of the way. To rent an RV in Maryland has never been easier with all the complete services, including personal on-trip services: restaurant reservations, RV campground referrals, ticket coordination for other activities, and locator service that helps you find the nearest hospitals, pharmacies, and emergency care facilities.

Are you an international traveller flying into Maryland? No problem, international travelers can also benefit from all our partners’ services with no issues.

No matter how hard we try to be safe, sometimes the worst happens – that’s just a fact of life. However, they make it much easier to solve any insurance claim you might have – just use the dashboard on our platform to file a claim. To rent an RV Maryland, all you have to do is register an account and find the perfect RV for you and your family, no matter the type or size.
Contact RV owners, pay and pick up your vehicle. Ready for a life-changing experience?

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RV parks to take your Maryland RV rental

So, do you want to know about the best places to camp in Maryland? Read on to find our top ten!

At Little Bennett, paying $33 a night won’t seem like much once you see all the amenities ready. Perfect for families, this campground has an activity center, a paddle car track, a bouncy pillow and several playgrounds which will make your vacation with the kids a lot easier. You’ll never run out of activities for them, while you chill in this large and quiet campground. It is near Baltimore, Washington, Frederick, and Gettysburg. The staff is also really welcoming and nice.

If you’re looking for comfort, paying $95 per night at Cherry Hill won’t be a waste. The hefty price is well adjusted to all the amenities which include playgrounds, pools, a camp store, laundry facilities, and even an onsite cafe. This will make your RV rental in Maryland quite comfortable if you want to visit the wild but don’t feel like rough camping. Through a 30-45 minute drive, you’ll be able to reach DC easily.

In a beautiful setting full of trees and wildlife, you’ll find this campground. Close to Sykesville, you can travel there for dinner or lunch and enjoy this 18th-century town and its marvelous architecture. Friendly and helpful staff will help you with anything you need and give you info about nice places to visit nearby. On the other hand, there are several family activities available in the camp for only $58 per night.

Per $32 a night, you can stay at this campground which provides bathrooms and showers for all its visitors. If you’re planning on visiting, you should book ahead so that you can stay at one of the 30 camping spots that offer electricity. There is a reservation fee of around $6. It’s a really quiet spot if you’re looking for a peaceful vacation.

Providing electricity in a few of their camping spots, Gambrill State Park is close to the main road but user reviews state it to be quiet nonetheless. It has lighted paths that will help you get to the restrooms and showers during the night if you need to. Perfect for hiking and mountain biking, due to the trails all around it that will give you entertainment during the day as you discover the wonders of nature and observe wildlife.

Most parks in Maryland are a bit on the expensive side for RV camping, and at $85 per night, Capitol KOA is no exception. However, you’ll find plenty of amenities and good parking spots for your Maryland RV rental. The campground also provides wi-fi, for those who can’t afford not to be connected at all times. The friendly staff will help you figure out the best places to go nearby with your family for entertainment in a more social setting.

This is a really quiet campsite for those who are looking for a way out of civilization. The nightly rate is only $18, and even though US15 is close by the campground is not noisy at all according to reviews from other happy campers. Some spots have electricity which is always a great help camping with an RV.

At $28 per night, this is a dog-friendly campsite which allows you to travel with your pets and let them roam around for a bit outside your RV (under supervision, of course). The place also provides restrooms and showers, along with water, picnic tables, and fire rings. The lake area also has quite a few nice places with tables and benches that are perfect for family meals.

Another pet-friendly campground, at Houck Area you pay only $30 per night and get to use their many amenities which include restrooms and hot showers. Some camping spots include electric so you won’t have any issues using your RV as you wish. Very close to Catoctin Mountain Park, which has phenomenal views and strenuous trails.

With a level terrain, this campground is one of our favourites for RV camping in Maryland. Every camp spot has its own path to the showers and bathrooms, keeping you from being bothered by other campers if you’re looking for peace. Every camping spot is equipped with a fire ring, grill grate, lantern post, and picnic table. The woods keep your spot quiet and secluded from other people, giving you the perfect vacation out in the wild.


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