Rent an RV Louisiana

Rent an RV Louisiana

The most recommended place to find your next RV rental is Outdoorsy. Filter your results using location, type, and budget; you should be able to find something that suits your needs.

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Prices start from $65 for a decent 25 feet Toy Hauler RV rental that sleeps up to 4 people and can go up to $585 per night for a luxury Class A RV with a sleeping capacity of 6 people. The prices vary depending on the age, type, size, and features of each motorhome.

Like in many other states, even if you have a valid driver’s license, you’re going to need to be 25 or older to be able to rent an RV in Louisiana.

Renting an RV, in many aspects, is like renting a car in any city. This means you’ll have to have insurance covering you along your whole trip with an RV from our partners. However, our partners have an agreement with international insurance companies that will cover any incident during your trip, including anything
from animal impact to backup accidents. Our partners also provide you with roadside assistance for any issues you might run into while on the move with your RV.

By the day this article was written, the smallest motorhome available to rent in Louisiana was an 18 feet non driveable folding trailer that sleeps 2. If you’re just looking for a small motorhome for you and your better half, this should suit you at a reasonable price.

If you’re looking for a luxury RV that will make your journey extremely comfortable, you’ll find that we have an assortment of luxury RV rental Louisiana options. Check out a few below!

Search RVs In Louisiana

Have you ever wanted to travel into the wild and forget boring city life? Maybe you’ve traveled before and got yourself caught up in reservations, activities for your kids, having to take care of everything and then realizing you spent a lot of time and money to make you and your family miserable during the whole vacation. This might be a harsh truth about your vacation style right now, but that can change. Vacations don’t always have to be a source of worry – would you like to rent an RV Louisiana? In our blogs, we always talk about the RV camping lifestyle and the pleasure it offers you. Once you embrace the wilderness with an RV rental in Louisiana, you’ll never believe the changes it will have in store for you and your family.


Make everyone happier by making the right choice! Now, a few questions you might have regarding renting an RV in Louisiana.

What to expect when Renting an RV

We selected five free camping sites and five paid, to make sure we cover all the possibilities for you and your family or friends to have lots of fun during your vacation. You’ve just got to pick your destination and choose from our partners’ several different RVs and motorhomes.

Our partners also provide you with 24/7 phone customer service, which will make you feel more at ease during your vacation knowing we’ve got you covered all the way through. In case anything happens, filing an insurance claim is easy through our partners’ platforms. We know we always try our best to make sure nothing happens during our vacation, but it’s great to know you’re covered and will get help easily no matter what.

Through our partners, you’ll also get help with the basics like using retracting slide outs, leveling jacks, connecting to a power supply, operating your RV appliances or even locating the nearest service facility.

You can get assistance for all this using our partners’ helpline which will guide you every time you need help with anything. This also includes assistance for secondary services: restaurant reservations, RV campground referrals and ticket coordination for other activities. For any emergencies, our locator service helps you find the nearest hospitals, pharmacies, and emergency care facilities.

International travelers are also covered by Outdoorsy’s services, so if you’re traveling from outside the US to RV camp in Louisiana, you’ll have no issues getting your booking and insurance sorted so you can travel the US in peace.

So, what are you waiting for? Register with our partners and find the perfect RV rental in Louisiana. No matter the type or size of the RV you need, we’ll help you find it through our partners. As we mentioned above, prices vary with the type and size of the motorhome you pick, but even if you go for a luxury RV rental it will still be cheaper and give you a lot more freedom than just staying in a hotel room.

Get into the RV camping lifestyle today and allow yourself to be surprised by the freedom you can get in your next vacation. Your family and friends will thank you!

Visit Rent an RV for a more in detail information.

By now, if you’re interested in RV rental in Louisiana, you’re probably thinking: but where should I go? Fret not, we have a list of the ten best spots for RV camping in Louisiana. Read on to find a few perfect camping spots!

Popular among horseback riders, this is a free camp in which you’ll have no issues no matter the size of your motorhome. Plan your trip in advance since it can get quite crowded during the weekends.

This is a great find if you’re on a tight budget. The campground is level with no rocks or branches in the ground. This will make it easier as you rent an RV in Louisiana and travel with it. It is also pet-friendly.

Custis Camp is also free and allows for a quiet vacation. It is a grassy area off the service road, which makes it perfect for RV camping since there are no access issues or difficulty finding a place to park.

If you’re looking for solitude, you’ll find it here. It is a quiet campground in which you can stay for free as long as you need it. Access is easy right off Highway 167, but you won’t hear much noise coming from the highway.

At Whiskey Bay, you’ll find a patch of grass in which you can camp quite privately. Perfect for parties since you won’t find many campers at this free camping spot. It overlooks the forest and is quite nice for wildlife sightings.

For $10 per night, you can stay here for as long as you want in this secluded and clean location. There is no dump station at the site but you’ll find one just a few miles away in Kincaid. There is also plenty of room between sites, which makes it perfect for a quiet vacation.

At $45 per night, you’ll find plenty of amenities like WiFi, a huge close-by lake with a private boat and kayak launch. The owners are very helpful and will help you with anything from locating the site and finding the perfect place for your RV. Plus, you can get a really good cell phone signal.

This RV park offers you laundry and shower facilities which will make your visit much easier. It is usually a common place for campers to stop at $40 per night. It is quite clean and you can count on a bit of noise from the highway, but you won’t hear it inside your RV so it’s not overwhelming. You’ll be able to have a quiet and peaceful vacation.

As its name implies, this is a recreation area, so you can enjoy facilities such as a boat ramp, swimming beach, recreation trail, and access to water at any time you need it. It also has bathrooms, showers and laundry facilities available which will make your trip quite comfortable while at Indian Creek. The price is $22 per night.

At $44 per night, this is a perfect camping spot for families and groups of friends and totally dedicated to RV camping. It provides electric hookups for different RVs, WiFi, showers and laundry facilities, and much more. You can also bring your furry baby since this camp is pet-friendly.

If your main concern about traveling is saving money, we also have the right options for you without compromising on comfort. Look into our list to find cheap RV rentals in Louisiana for your next vacation.

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