Rent an RV Arkansas

Rent an RV Arkansas

The easiest and safest place to rent an RV Arkansas is Outdoorsy. You can filter out the results to exact locations, type, size, pet friendly and class of motor-homes available to rent. With the great support and the variety of options you can easily settle your next trip in Arkansas.

The cost of renting an RV in Arkansas ranges from around $75 to $280 per day. For example, a 22 feet Trailer with a sleep capability of 5 cost around $75 per day while a 40 feet Fifth Wheel Trailer type of 4 sleep capacity is at $269 per day. Generally, the price depends on the type, size, age, features and extras.

Take a look at the current available Arkansas RV rentals!

Your budget is not too high, but you would give anything to escape your routine. We’ve all been there. And if you’re looking for the perfect vacation without spending a small fortune, following the trails of the true adventurers into the wild, RV rental in Arkansas might just be what you were looking for. If you have never considered Arkansas’s small motorhome rental, maybe this article will convince you. Besides explaining the advantages of RV rental, we’ll give you a rundown of five free camping spots and five paid if you’d prefer to have more amenities on your vacation. If you’re into rough camping, you’ll find the free ones will give you a few amenities to make your stay comfortable while not changing the natural environment that you can appreciate through your stay. So, follow us into our list of top five free campsites for your Arkansas RV rental.

We’ve given you a few options, however, it’s easy to find more RV camping spots in Arkansas through a simple Google search. Are you excited yet? We hope so, because now comes the best part. If you’re afraid of running into any kind of trouble during your vacation, our partners for RV rentals in Arkansas offer 24/7 customer service and comprehensive insurance provided by international companies, which allows you to travel carefree.

Insurance provided for Arkansas RV rentals covers anything from backup accidents, to vandalism, fires, stolen RVs, or even earthquakes and animal impact. We also provide our renters with roadside assistance coverage, which can help you if you need towing, a jump start, mobile tire assistance, locksmiths… Roadside assistance includes mobile mechanics available to assist you on the road. Traveling to the US from abroad? International travelers can also enjoy our services and insurance coverage, so don’t worry if you’re not from the US but still want an Arkansas RV rental.

Top-notch customer service is there for you 24 hours per day, seven days a week, helping you with any type of technical issues you might be having with your rental RV from using rectracting slide outs to operating your RV’s appliances.

Our partners’ goal is to make sure you make the most of your trip to Arkansas in their rental RVs. Besides, if you don’t really know anything around and need help with restaurant reservations, RV campground referrals, or even ticket coordination for other activities, customer support will help you as well. Because accidents can always happen, we also have a locator service that helps you find the nearest hospitals, pharmacies, and emergency care facilities.

In case you run into any issue during your trip with RV rentals in Arkansas, it’s easy to file a claim online at our platform that allows you to rent an RV Arkansas and many other places. What are you waiting for to register? Our partners will follow you along every step of the way, always making sure you get the best time of your life during your vacation at a rental RV. Get lost in the wonders of nature with your family and rediscover life as you know it.

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With plenty of space to park in, this is a popular free campsite for an overnight stay. With well-lit parking spots, you can find security patrolling the campsite in cars so you can feel safe during your whole stay. There aren’t many amenities for campers, making this spot suitable mostly for an overnight stay. It’s close to the main roads so it might give you the right place to rest while you are reaching your destination.

This campsite is small, but secluded, safe and quiet if you’re looking for a peaceful stay. There is water available even though it’s a free campsite, so that’s covered for you if you don’t fancy carrying your water around for the whole vacation. You’ll find an archery range within a short walk from the campsite, plus a small pond for great views. Even though this place might be a little secluded, it’s easy to reach the main road again with a few fuel stations in between.

This campsite is a little larger and allows for hunting in the area, so if hunting is one of your favorite pastimes you can’t miss this one even if it’s for a short stop. The camping spots are quite large enough to accommodate for a rental RV and there’s no need to maneuver your way out of it, since the campsite is designed as a loop. You can also get signal from all major cell phone providers at this campsite.

A large campsite just off the bayou, this place will make you stay close to the interstate without having to endure the noise. It’s great for fishing, and it also has recreation trails for family fun. Plus, this is a petfriendly campsite so you can take your furry pals with you with zero worries. As happens with many campsites that use gravel roads, accessibility is not always guaranteed so be sure to be cautious when driving down here.

If you’re looking into fishing and wildlife watching, this campsite might just be your cup of tea. Right by the lake, you’ll have a wonderful sight to wake up to. It might get noisy during the summer or national holidays, so, if you prefer peace and quiet, choose your vacation date wisely. As happens with most free campsites, its policy is first come, first served.

Not sure these places would suit you? If you don’t mind paying a quite small fee for paid campsites, we’ll provide you with our top five campsites for parking your RV rental in Arkansas.

For the very cheap price of $5 per night, you can stay at Old Post Road as long as you want – if you have a reservation, since this place works only through booking. However, the restrooms and showers are nice, accommodating and clean. Plus, the campsite staff is really helpful and will make sure your stay goes without a hitch.

If scenic campgrounds are your thing, you can’t miss Mount Nebo State Park. There are restrictions on the size of the RVs allowed, so bear that in mind before you get your Arkansas RV rental. Up in the mountain, you can see wonderful views at all times surrounded by nature and wildlife. The price per night is $25, but it is completely worth it if you want to marvel at nature untouched and enjoy a beautiful camping spot.

For $24 per night, this campground offers you clean showers and restrooms so that you can feel comfortable and clean after a day hiking in the proximities. It’s a secluded and quiet place, so perfect for some peaceful weeks. If you get bored, you’re within four miles or less from the major highway, so you won’t have any issues finding your next parking spot for your RV rental in Arkansas.

As the name suggests, this campground is perfect for RV camping. However, the price per night might be a little higher: 40$. This price comes with a nice set of amenities that will make your stay very comfortable, including a very helpful and welcoming staff. Plus, if you don’t feel like cooking or in case you need to go shopping, there are stores and restaurants close by. One of our favorites.

Russellville Campground

Although not as expensive as Ivy Cove, for $33 per night you can enjoy breathtaking lake views at Russellville. There are pretty large camping spots for RVs and small motorhomes, so you’ll be at ease finding the right place to park. Booking is recommended if you want to pick your place – this is quite a popular campsite all year round. Great for kayaking and fishing.


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