Rent an RV in Michigan
Michigan,  United States

Rent an RV Michigan

Are you fed up with routine and just want to escape?

Rent an RV Michigan is the best option to change your lifestyle and make your vacation time with family more enjoyable. A lot of people have already hopped on the RV camping trend for life-changing experiences with their families or even with their pets – why not you as well? Plus, if you know the best place to rent an RV in Michigan, it will make your life much easier when you’re thinking of camping in that area.

Renting an RV in Michigan is easy. Just visit Outdoorsy and search for the location, type and size of the motor home that fit your needs and budget. They offer on going support to make sure that you get the most out of your trip.

How much would it cost to rent an RV Michigan?

Prices start from as low as $50 per night for a non driveable 16 feet folding trailer and reaching $400 per day for a 21 feet Class B RV. Prices will vary depending on the type, size, features and age of the motor home you are looking for.

RV trips usually cost less than a hotel and are more fun!

Well, if you want to find the best RV rentals in Michigan by owner, you can count on our partners. They offer 24/7 customer service for your rentals and, renting from seasoned veterans, you’ll experience your trip like one. A comprehensive insurance can be provided by international partners, which allows you to travel carefree knowing they’ve got you covered if there are any mishaps.

Insurance provided for our Michigan RV rentals covers backup accidents, vandalism, fires, stolen RVs, power surges, earthquakes, fallen trees, windstorms, hailstorms, animal Impact and much more. They also provide our renters with roadside assistance coverage, which can help you if you need towing, a jump start, mobile tire assistance, locksmiths, delivery of fuel or emergency fluids for your RV, even mobile mechanics available to assist you on the road. If you’re an international traveller looking into Michigan RV rentals, the services are for you as well – international travellers are allowed to rent and are covered by our insurance program too.

The technical support hotline is ready 24 hours per day, every day, helping you with common issues such as using retracting slide outs, leveling jacks, connecting to a power supply, operating your RV appliances or even locating the nearest service facility. This is part of the service as an RV rental.

Those are some of the reasons we partner with them. They aim to offer you a wonderful experience with your RV rentals in Michigan. On top of all that, you can also count on personal on-trip services: restaurant reservations, RV campground referrals, ticket coordination for other activities, and a locator service that helps you find the nearest hospitals, pharmacies and emergency care facilities.

So, with all this in mind, what are you waiting for? This is an offer of a lifetime experience through the RV rental service. RV renting is the most cost-effective way to travel with your family while enjoying the wonders of nature and wildlife, keeping yourself comfortable and at ease with all the services and insurance they provide. You are safe renting an RVs knowing no matter what happens, they’ve got you covered.

Even in the worst scenarios, filing a claim is easy within your dashboard at our online platform. They offer you all the assistance to make your dream vacation happen.

For more details on how to rent visit our Rent an RV page.

Are you excited? Create an account to find all the information you’ll need to make your booking and start your path towards the RV camping lifestyle. With all that nature has to offer, why stay at a boring hotel when you can ride your RV and just pick a campground to park on? Join us in this thrilling adventure to jumpstart your life.

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Located near Whelan Lake, this campsite is perfect for a few outdoor activities like canoeing or fishing. In the heart of the Manistee National Forest, you can appreciate the wonders of nature in this camp that’s open 24/7 all year round for free.

Michigan’s Lower Peninsula has a lot of beautiful places to get in touch with your rough side and explore nature. Nordhouse Dunes Wilderness is a massive natural park in which you’ll never run out of activities to do. You just need to get creative and not be afraid to get out there.

If you’re looking for true peace and quiet, you’ll find it in French Farm Lake. You can camp on the lakeside while being close to anything you might need, like shopping for those extra bits you forgot to pack for your vacation. However, these amenities don’t make French Farm Lake a busy place, far from it.

Located in the Nordhouse Dunes Wilderness area as well, Cooper Creek Road is also free – however, this site has a 14-day maximum stay limitation for campers.

With a maximum permitted stay of 14 days as well, Bond Falls Flowage is also free and allows for you to park your rental RV in 29 campsites along the gravel road while staying close to paved road all the while.

Not sure if you can handle camping in pure wilderness? If this is keeping you from enjoying all that nature has to offer, we’ll also give you a rundown of five paid campsites below which offer a few amenities to make your RV camping easier.

You can stay at Bay View Campground for $16 a night, while enjoying the amenities provided. This campground has 24 sites, 16 reservable, 8 first come, first served. Offered activities include swimming, fishing, hiking and bird watching.

For $13 a night, you can stay near the Au Sable River, at the end of Keystone Landing Road, a perfect location to find anglers. If fishing is not your favourite pastime, you can also do paddle sports in the river.

Tomahawk Creek Flooding Area

Open from April to November, this campground is quite large with 47 camping sites. Its approach is first come, first served, and it’s a quite popular campsite at $13 per night so you’ll find lots of other people enjoying the RV camping lifestyle there if you feel like meeting other happy campers.

At $16 a night for lakeside spots, this campground is perfect if you’re into swimming, fishing, or hiking. It also provides you with a set of amenities not found in free campsites like lantern posts, solar-powered wells and toilets.

Baxter Bridge State Forest

Open all year round, this campsite offers you plenty of activities for all family like paddle sports, fishing, wildlife viewing and hiking. Its price is $13 per night and it is quite popular among RV campers.

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