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When you use a rental service through our website, we collect any personal data you provide us. This includes your name and email address and might include other information required for the rental process. When you navigate through our offers, we also collect information about your computer’s IP (internet protocol) address in order to provide us with information about the browser and operating system you are using to improve your experience using our Service. Email marketing: if you provide us with your consent, we will send you newsletters about our website, new services, and other updates.  


How do you obtain my consent?
As you give us your personal information such as your credit card details in order to arrange a booking or a refund, your consent to us collecting that personal information is implicit in your actions. However, we will use that information only for the purpose it was collected and keep it safe from attacks or impersonation. If we require your contact for secondary reasons, such as email marketing, your consent is explicitly required in order for us to collect your email and use it for marketing purposes.   How do I remove or change my consent settings? After you opt in, you may change your settings about any of your information, including deleting it completely or disclosing it for any purposes necessary. All you have to do opt-out is to contact us at [email protected]  


If there is a breach on your part regarding our Terms of Service, or if it is required by law, we may have to provide your personal information to other entities.  


In general, third-party providers we use only gather, keep, or disclose your information to a strictly necessary extent that will allow them to perform their provided services. Some third-party services such as payment processing gateways and other third-party services we might use in our website have their own privacy policies regarding the data we are obliged to provide them for your transactions.   If you have any questions, you should read the privacy policies of our third-party providers so you’ll be aware of how your information will be handled by those providers.   Also, keep in mind that our third-party providers might be in some other location that complies with different laws than the ones that you or TravellBuzz have to abide by. So if you are using a third-party payment gateway to process your booking or rental payment, you must bear in mind that the laws to which it is subjected might be different from the ones in the country you are residing at the moment.   This means that if, as an example, you live in Canada and the payment gateway you are using is located in the United States of America, any data you provide during that transaction can be used or disclosed according to the United States of America legislation, including the Patriot Act.   Once you follow a link from our website to one of our partners or use a third-party website or app related to our services, this Privacy Policy and TravellBuzz Terms of Service no longer apply to any of the data you may disclose with those websites.   Links When you use the links we have on our website, they may lead you toward one of our partners. We are not liable for the privacy policies of other websites and recommend that our users should read their policies and statements for more information.  


We follow best practices regarding your personal information. We make sure through security measures that your information is not deleted, appropriated, changed or updated inappropriately or tampered with in any way by no entity.   If you offer your credit card information, your data will be encrypted through socket layer technology (SSL) and stored using AES-256 encryption. Although no method of transmission through the internet or any electronic storage is 100% secure, we implement security measures that are widely used across several industries to ensure the privacy and security of all data in any case possible.  


If you are using this site, we assume that you are not a minor in your state or province or that an adult has given us his or her consent to allow you to use this website according to the law.  


We are entitled to the right to change this privacy policy at any time and for any possible reason, which means whenever we might think it is in our best interest and which of our users. Modifications take effect immediately once they’re posted on this website. If we change this policy substantially, we will notify you of those changes in this page so that you are aware of how your information might be used, disclosed, or changed for any reason.   If TravellBuzz merges with other entity or is acquired by any other company, your information might be provided to that hypothetical company so that you can continue to enjoy our rental services.  


If you need to register a complaint, or would like to delete, change, remove permissions about your information, or simply if you want to find out more, please feel free to contact us at: [email protected]


Advertising Privacy Statement

To better understand your interests, Google and other entities track your behavior on every website across the Internet using cookies.

Cookies are files that contain an identifier sent by a website and stored in the browser used for navigating that website. Whenever the browser accesses the website, the cookie is sent back from the browser to the website’s server. There are “persistent” cookies and “session” cookies. A persistent cookie is stored in the web browser used and will be valid until it expires according to a pre-set date of deletion unless the user deletes it; a session cookie expires at the end of the browsing session, which means that once the web browser is closed, the cookie is automatically deleted. Cookies do not contain any identifiable information that relates to personal data, but data that we store about our users due to the performing of our Service may be connected to any information obtained by cookies from those users’ sessions

By using this Service, you approve of the use of cookies and the use of the data collected by such cookies with Google, and any other third-party partners we might have at that moment in time. You can opt-out of the use of cookies on our Service using those settings. However, opt-out mechanisms use cookies themselves, and your opt-out will not remain in place if you delete all the cookies stored in your browser.

For European Economic Area Residents

If you live within the European Economic area, compliance to GDPR gives you other rights related to your data. You can request to erase it, and choose whether you want to allow its processing or not.