Nevada RV Rental

Nevada RV Rental

The Ultimate Guide To Nevada RV Rental

The race to perfect vacation planning has begun. With the vacations coming near, it is time to choose your Nevada RV Rental and where you want to head out. After all, nothing gets better than spending your break outside. You are can get close to nature, find out more about wildlife, and enjoy the time with your family.

If you are particularly looking for a vacation across the country, then put Nevada on the top of your list. This beautiful state will allow you to have the best time of your life. From scenic hills to tranquil lakes, this state will help you add more charm to your vacations.

So with a vacation outside, it is best to consider renting an RV in Nevada. Whether you want to have a ride of your own or travel long distance with the family, an RV rental in Nevada is a good option. In the following blog, we’ll take you through the entire process of renting an RV in Nevada and also highlight some of the best campgrounds in the state.

How can you rent an RV In Nevada?

Steps to rent your Nevada RV:

  1. 1Filter the results to find an RV that fits your budget and needs
  2. Steps to rent an RV Online
  3. 2Create an Account and send a request to the owner for booking the RV
  4. 3Choose between pickup from the owner or pickup from a campsite of your choice
  5. 4Start your lifetime experience trip
  6. 5Return the RV

By renting an RV in Nevada, you will be able to have a fun vacation without any discomfort. You can choose to stay at any place you want, take all of your family and friends on vacation, and camp at your favorite place. Whether you want to go near the beach or spend time exploring the wild, renting an RV is a good option.

There are various companies that offer Nevada RV rental services in the state. Therefore, it’s not like you will be unable to find the right RV. Instead, before making a blind choice, you should consider the features you want in your RV. Most importantly, consider your budget before renting any RV.

You can search on the internet to find a rental service. Our partner is one of the best RV rental services in Nevada that will help you get the vehicle you want. You can rely on the company to find you an RV according to your preferences and stay within your budget.

Check out some of the most popular RV rentals in Nevada:

How much will it cost to rent an RV in Nevada?

RVs smaller in size cost less than the bigger ones, usually $65 per night. On the other hand, the larger RVs cost up to $350 per night. However, if you hire an RV for a more extended period, then it will cost you less.

Luxury RV Rentals in Nevada

If you are searching for a luxurious vehicle with excellent features like entertainment facilities, refrigerators, LED TVs, and beds, then go for a luxury RV rental in Nevada. The price for these RVs will be higher, but you will be able to have a luxurious vacation.

Cheap RV Rentals in Nevada

If your budget doesn’t allow, you can still rent an RV in Nevada by opting for a cheaper option. You will always get all the necessary facilities with these RVs, so you don’t have to worry about your comfort when renting one.

Is there any age requirement?

Usually, the US legislation requires that you are 25 years of age when renting an RV in the country. Doing so will ensure your vacation is free from any sort of legal issues.

Do you require insurance to rent an RV in Nevada?

Most RVs in Nevada come with insurance already. But make sure to confirm this matter from your RV provider.

What is the smallest motorhome available for renting?

By the time that this article was written a fully equipped 17 feet Campervan was available for rent in Nevada at $69 per night.

You can view some of the images below:

17 feet Camper Van in Nevada

Smallest motorhome rental in nevada sleeping area    Smallest motorhome rental in nevada inner    Smallest motorhome rental in nevada toilet

You can check the availability of this motorhome here.

Found in eastern Nevada, this place will remind you of the roots of Nevada. With canyons eroded into the bentonite clay, this park will help you in having the perfect family-friendly vacation. You can stop in the visitor centres to learn more about prehistoric human history. The sites are available for $15 per night.

Cathedral Gorge State Park Price List

Visit Parks NV Gov for more info.

Found over the state line from Arizona and Utah, this state park is known for its feature of Red Rock country. It has sand dunes that formed over 100 million years ago, and it is known for its prehistoric value. It has 72 sites with tables and grills. See prices below:

Valley of Fire State Park Price List

Found outside of the Las Vegas, this campground is located at an elevated height of 2500 m. It is near the Mount Charleston and the North Toop Trail. This campground is also located near the mark of the Raintree. It is very close to Las Vegas. Prices start from $19 a night.

Trailers over 25 feet in length are not recommended.

Hill Climb Park Nevada price range

Situated in the heart of Nevada, this park has sagebrush valleys and wide-ranging topography. It offers abundant wildlife, including the coyotes, bighorn sheep, jackrabbits, and antelope.

Known for its fossilized sea monsters, this state park is one of the most unique ones in Nevada. During the Goldrush, thousands of ounces of gold were found in this park. In this way, you will also find various mines in this area. It offers 14 sites for camping, which usually cost $15 per night.

Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park Price List

Located on the border of California and Nevada, this place is open all year-round and offers mountain biking, hiking, sailing, paddle boarding, fishing, and swimming. The site is free, and therefore, it is quite exciting.

Want to explore the state on horseback? This is the ranch to be at. You can hike, backpack, mountain back, trap shoot, and what not in this area. However, this is quite expensive per night stay but with unique activities and services.

Cottonwood Guest Ranch Nevada Price List

For more information visit: Cottonwood Guest Ranch

This place is best to visit during summers if you want to escape the dry and hot weather. This area offers five campgrounds, and the price varies according to the amenities availed.

For more information visit: NPS Gov

The area is known for its icy past, particularly the ice age. You can hike and go around the area with your backpack. The area has five national forest campgrounds and various primitive sites.

More info at Hip Camp

This area is perfect for all those who want to hike, bike, and spend their vacations near the lava beds. This area offers excellent opportunities for exploration. There are no established campgrounds here, but it allows the trailers to camp around for free. It is open all year-round.

For more information, you can read our partner’s guide.

In The End

Nevada is the best place to be at if you want a vacation near natural beauty. So what are you waiting for? Head out today and rent an RV to have the best vacations with your family and friends.

For more information on what to expect in your rental process go to Rent an RV

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