Montana RV Rental

Montana RV Rental

Find and Book your RV Near Montana with Basic Insurance Included

Have you been forced to cancel all your vacation plans and stay at home as a consequence of the pandemic? Did you book a hotel and flight but are dreading canceling it for fear of hefty cancellation charges? Why not rent an RV in Montana for your next vacation and bring your motorhome with you to your favorite vacation destination?

Steps to rent your an RV in Montana, MT:

  1. 1Filter the results to find an RV that fits your budget and needs
  2. Steps to rent an RV Online
  3. 2Create an Account and send a request to the owner for booking the RV
  4. 3Choose between pickup from the owner or pickup from a campsite of your choice
  5. 4Start your lifetime experience trip
  6. 5Return the RV

Current Available RV Rentals in Montana

Keep Traveling!

With international travel on pause during COVID-19, the multipurpose and highly adaptable RV traveling has become a mobile savior for all your 2021 travel plans. The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has drastically changed people’s idea of a vacation.

Whilst adapting to these adverse circumstances for you and your family’s safety is necessary, missing out on your annual family retreat is not. In fact, renting an RV for a family retreat might just be the ideal way to boost your immune system and uplift your spirits through the stress of it all! Plus, you can do this all while maintaining a safe social distancing practice in these trying times.

Say Goodbye to Travel Inconvenience!

With a motorhome on wheels, the struggles of traveling by air are a thing of the past. RV rentals will allow you to say goodbye to the nuisance of traveling by air. Long lines at the airport, flight delays, long layovers, and limited luggage—consider them all gone!

Unlike flying where the only source of entertainment is years’ old movies, traveling in an RV gives you the unique opportunity to bring your family together to explore and appreciate the scenery around you and discover new places as you cruise across one state to another.

A Holiday on Wheels!

Vacations not only serve as a memorable experience to help you relax, but they help you grow and explore yourself as an individual; to find out what you are truly capable of by pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone.

Who doesn’t love a good adventure with their family and friends in a cozy camper?

Recreational vehicles can help you plan an adventure for your next vacation by offering you the sheer excitement and flexibility of a road trip – all while enjoying the comforts of a revolutionized travel as you connect with the outdoors.

How Much Are RV Rentals in Montana?

The cost for an RV rental in Montana varies with the size, features, and type of each independent vehicle and is also determined by how long you wish to rent the vehicle.

However, small campers or trailers charge approximately as low as $75 to as high as $120 per night, and larger motorhomes and RVs cost within the range of $100 to $250 per night.

Long-term rentals can save you some money and cost approximately $800 or more for a week.

Click here to check all the available Montana RV rentals and decide what’s going to suit you the best.

Do I Need to be a Certain Age to Rent an RV in Montana?

According to Montana state law, while there is no maximum age limit, the minimum age to rent an RV is 25 years. Any adult of the age of 25 or above can legally rent an RV in Montana.

Younger drivers between the ages of 21 to 24 who wish to rent an RV might not be eligible to rent larger vehicles such as a motorhome, but can rent smaller campers for an additional fee, subject to the rental agreement.

Do I Need Insurance When I Rent an RV?

Although the terms and conditions of each rental agreement may vary, most RV rentals in Montana County come with rudimentary insurance with a basic coverage plan.

However, this insurance does not cover all damages and you might be liable to pay for damages that are not covered by your insurance.

This is why most companies require you to pay a security deposit which is refunded to you after you return the vehicle. If you are looking for some of our insurance plans and what they cover, click here.

Can I Rent an RV One Way?

If you are visiting a friend or relative in another city and want to enjoy some traveling as you go, you can look for a rental that is part of the pickup program.

The pricing will vary depending upon where you are traveling and how long you will use the vehicle. Be sure to check with the vendor and each renter individually to find out more about renting their RV one way.

Can I Bring My Pet When Renting an RV in Montana?

Unlike when you are traveling by air, you don’t have to make the harsh choice of leaving your pet behind at home while you go on a holiday.

With pet-friendly rental RV agreements, you can bring your pet along with you for a small added fee. This also saves you the money of hiring someone to take care of your pet while you are gone. So, pack your pet’s essentials and get on the road now!

Make sure to check with the rental company about your furry little friends before finalizing any deals.

Known for its extensive trails, diverse flora and fauna, glacier-carved peaks, pristine meadows, and alpine forests, Glacier National Park is one of the most scenic parks in the entire state of Montana.

Jeweled as the ‘Crown of the Continent’, home to over 700 miles of a hiking trail and a dozen glaciers, valleys and waterfalls, Glacier National Park is the ultimate paradise for a hiker who seeks the perfect view of the countryside in solitude.

If you have an appreciation and love for history and landmarks, one of the best vacation spots for you to visit is the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument near Crow Agency.

This historic landmark preserves the site of the 1876 war with the Sioux and Cheyenne Indians and is also home to a ton of interesting tourist attractions.

A perfect place for your family to enjoy a delightful picnic whilst also appreciating the history surrounding the area.

If you are looking to plan a vacation for the winters, you cannot afford to take this destination off of your list.

As one of the largest ski resorts in the state of Montana with over 5,750 acres of skiable land, the Big Sky Resort is one of the most desired tourist hubs for winter sports lovers.

Amongst its numerous highlights are a vast range of restaurants, entertainment opportunities, and post-skiing social activities.

Ever wanted to hear a wolf pack howl like in the movies? Are you an animal lover who appreciates nature and wildlife?

If yes, then the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center is a must-see stop while vacationing in your RV in Montana!

The center provides you the unique opportunity to see bears and wolves up close in their natural habitat and to learn more about their species and behaviors.

Located on top of a volcanic hot spot, Yellowstone National Park is a wilderness recreation area where you can explore some of the most unique geological wonders of the states.

Features of the Yellowstone National Park include a wide range of fauna, gigantic canyons, dense forests, hot springs, and effusive geysers.

RV Parks & Campgrounds in Montana

When planning a perfect road trip, you are going to have to do your fair share of research to make sure it is worth your time and money.

Luckily, we have already jotted down a list of some of the most popular RV parks in Montana for your next big holiday trip to the state.

  1. Yellowstone Grizzly RV Park and Cabins
  2. Moose Creek RV Park and B&B
  3. Jim and Mary’s RV Park
  4. 7th Ranch RV Park

Yellowstone Grizzly RV campground is situated in West Yellowstone near Yellowstone National Park.

This means you don’t have to travel far to visit your favorite recreational park if you are looking for a hot spring to dive into.

Perfect for all-family vacations, this RV Park offers a wide range of facilities, including a laundry room, showers, a conference room, and playgrounds.

You can also ask to receive a guided tour of the park on a horse and experience the thrill of fishing, biking, and many more fun-filled activities!

The Website of Yellowstone Grizzly RV Park and Cabins

For more information visit:

This RV Park can be the perfect spot for your mid-year escape as you enjoy the pleasures of stargazing and campfires to connect with Mother Nature.

Since it is conveniently located only 2.5 miles from the West entrance to Glacier National Park, you can experience all the best scenic wonders of the place.

The park is also known for its scrumptious, fresh cinnamon rolls and pies that will leave your mouth watering for days.

If you like sharing stories under the stars near a campfire, this campground is the perfect fit for you!

The Website of Moose Creek RV Park and B&B

For more information visit:

As you enter Jim and Mary’s RV Park, you will be welcomed by Montana’s most charming views.

With Jim and Mary’s strategic location, you can visit several fascinating tourist destinations in the area such as Hiawatha Trail, Garnet Ghost Town, and Blackfoot River.

Jim and Mary’s offers extensive facilities with a little something for everyone and a rich verdure that is the center of attraction.

The Website of Jim and Mary’s RV Park

For more information visit:

This park is perfect for anyone who loves a good history lesson.

Located close to several historical landmarks such as the Little Bighorn National Monument and the Custer Battlefield area, is the 7th Ranch RV Park.

For those who love to stargaze – 7th Ranch RV Park promises a lovely view of the starry night sky away from the hubbub and the stress of city life.

The Website of 7th Ranch RV Park

For more information visit:

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