Kansas RV Rental

Kansas RV Rental

Find and Book your RV Near Kansas with Basic Insurance Included

RV rentals in Kansas City aren’t just a great opportunity to take that family vacation you’ve been planning for a while; they also come with a mere fraction of the cost! Not too keen on breaking the bank while vacationing? With Kansas RV Rentals, you absolutely don’t have to pay for hotels and bookings, but can simply call a camper rental in Kansas, hop on and embark on a truly amazing adventure!

Steps to rent your an RV in Kansas, KS:

  1. 1Filter the results to find an RV that fits your budget and needs
  2. Steps to rent an RV Online
  3. 2Create an Account and send a request to the owner for booking the RV
  4. 3Choose between pickup from the owner or pickup from a campsite of your choice
  5. 4Start your lifetime experience trip
  6. 5Return the RV

Rent an RV in Kansas to open up a world of campsites that you can stay in for as long as you want. RV and motorhome rentals will bring you closer to beautiful fields, towering mountains, famous museums, exotic fun fares, and the most iconic restaurants in the state!

If you are sick and tired of having your camping trip ruined because you miss your dog, it rained more than you expected, and you are simply not used to the caveman’s life, the modern amenities of RV Rentals in Kansas City will allow a wondrous vacation without these concerns!

How Much are RV Rentals In Kansas?

The average charges that it will cost you to obtain RV Rental in Kansas can range from around $75 to $150 per night for smaller trailers. The cost of the larger ones that have more amenities can range from $100 per night to around $250 per night.

Long-term RV rentals may cost you $800 for a week or more. They can also save you money by reducing one-night costs for an overarching lump sum.

Do I Need To Be a Certain Age To Rent An RV In Kansas?

Most Kansas RV rentals are comfortable allowing people 25 years or above to rent their campers, but if you have an ID or are an adult, some may allow you to rent their trailers. There may, however, be an additional fee they charge younger individuals as an assurance that you will not be careless with the rental vehicle.

Do I Need Insurance When I Rent an RV?

Better safe than sorry! RV motorhomes are very expensive to buy and, therefore, when renting an RV in Kansas will require you to have insurance as a precaution to save them from a huge monetary loss that they may face in the event of an accident.

Can I Rent One Way?

If you want to go on an RV vacation that avoids the constraints of time and distance, you are probably better off renting your motorhome on long-term. Kansas has a lot of beautiful places for you to explore, so spend those days on the road, unfettered by how far you can go and unrestricted by time!

In many cases, you can find a drop off service but it will add to your cost.

Can I Bring My Pet When Renting an RV In Kansas?

Dreading the fact that you will have to leave your furry best friends behind for weeks and days?

With pet-friendly RV Rentals, you don’t have to make that tough decision anymore at all! If you are looking for a pet-friendly rental, it’s best to check which ones are available beforehand and which amenities they offer for your pooch or your cat.

If there is an extra deposit, make sure you are aware of that beforehand. Pack your pet’s favorite blanket or chew toy to comfort them during the hundreds of miles they will be traveling.

Longing to return to a simpler time when kids weren’t glued to TV screens and Pops took time off work to dip their feet into the cool water?

When renting a trailer in Kansas, Little House on The Prairie Museum will offer that ultimate blast from the past, and remind you of your own family-centered holiday at the homestead!

A comfortable, cozy house that consists of a schoolhouse, a post office, and a farmhouse designed long ago – you can tell your children stories of the times before Google Home.

The Little House Museum takes you right back into the quaint, homey environment of the 1800s, with the only things remaining the same being the pretty sprigs of color of the wild flora and fauna, and the occasional little fawn!

Feeling one with nature after weeks of stressful work is the ultimate getaway you can hope for with camper rentals in Kansas. This National Preserve is committed to sustaining the tall grass ecosystem and keeping the planet green!

You are going to feel like an elf in its element wandering through the prairie grass, wildflowers, and miles of trails stretching over a whopping 10,894 miles!

Understand history at the 1881 ranch house in a tour led by rangers, or take your RV around the preserve, stopping to smell the sweet air or participating in the catch-and re-release fishing at the ponds.

If you are the adventurous type, you can step a bit closer (be careful though!) to observe the wild bison that lives on these lands, or lose all the vacation pounds hiking in the backcountry.

Camper rentals in Kansas can teleport you – quite literally – to the town frequented by figures the likes of Doc Holliday, Big Nose Kaye, Clay Allison and Wyatt Earp.

Give your RV a pause outside the Visitors Information Center and then head onwards to explore Dodge.

This city comes packed with good, old-fashioned entertainment that will leave you enthralled as you witness gun-rights re-enacted for you, see the can-can girls at the saloon and guzzle down – with chin dripping – some sarsaparilla.

After all this good fun, you can continue on to the Historic Trolley Tour and meet some big, angry-looking heifers at the Bison and Longhorn Exhibit (these big boys pack a huge kick and an even more painful head-butt, so don’t ruin your holiday by ticking one of these off!).

If that’s not enough animals for you already, you can always take the kids to the small, yet educational Wright Park Zoo to meet other creatures!

‘Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue’ is the couplet you’ll be singing, as this paradise for Oz fans comes into view! Forget all the presidents that come out of Kansas, we only care about the little girl with the ruby red shoes and her little dog!

You will feel the soul of Dorothy and the spirit of the story of the Wizard of Oz echo in this museum that pays homage to all things Oz!

The blasts from the past, such as the Parker Brother board games and Frank L Baum books will make you all the more excited while perusing the 2000 + artifacts displayed in the museum.

For the wine-sipping and Cosmo-loving parents who only came here because their children demanded so, the Oz Winery is the place for you. The best time of the year to visit Kansas with your trailer rental is during the Halloween season.

This will give you the opportunity to see the Tin Man or the Cowardly Lion walking around during the iconic Oz-toberfest.

RV Parks / Campgrounds in Kansas

  1. Walnut Grove RV Park
  2. Washington City Campground
  3. Curtis Creek Campground

This park is the perfect place to cool off in your camper rentals in Kansas, since you can choose how active or how lounge-y you want your days to go here!

If you are missing the city party scene after your long traipse through woods, there are casinos and museums to be found within a 15minutes drive, owing to its location near the Merriam Downtown District.

Right outside Kansas, you can take your trailer rental to travel around the whole city like never before, making stops at the Renaissance Festival (which happens during the fall and is extremely historically accurate- you will feel like you have traveled through a time machine!) the shopping centers and for the car-lovers , the stadium for NASCAR Racing!

Image of the Walnut Grove RV Park

For more information visit: Walnut Groverv Website

Tired of the blaring horns, screaming kids and the non-stop hustle and bustle of the city?

This campground offers a quiet and cozy place to park your RV, with the maximum capacity being 20 rentals, so you can have the complete peace and quiet that you crave.

The small space also means that you don’t have to fork over the extra bucks that larger parks with more amenities can charge you.

For the fitness enthusiasts, this park has the opportunity of spending a nice afternoon playing baseball, so make sure your pack your gloves; or playing golf, so pack your golf bag!

Don’t like going back inside your pristine RV soaked in sweat and want to feel like a lily leaf on some cool water? Jump into the local swimming pool to get the sweat off!

If kids usually find trips to the museum boring, you can give them a special day out visiting Munchkinland Park, designed with the theme of the Wizard of Oz in mind!

Getting a bit tired of the everlasting Wizard of Oz obsession? Drop those extra pounds running or strolling down the Munchkinland Fitness Trail!

Information Site about Washington City Campground

For more information visit: Campgroundreviews.com

Get away from the smog and grit of the city in between this sheltered fairyland. With 33,000 acres of public land that rests between Milford Lake and Milford Dam, Curtis Creek offers you a campground and a wildlife reserve all in one.

Looking to get off your trailer rental in Kansas? This campground area offers you the opportunity of making friends with the nicest woodland creatures you could ever meet, along with recreational opportunities and a chance to see cultural reserves.

Your connection to nature could never be more meaningful than here, the expansive grounds offering boating and fishing, and the dry land offering hiking trails nearby with stunning sightseeing prospects.

The sublime scenes of the Waterfall Trail and Crystal Trial offer a once-in-a lifetime adventure.

Park your trailer from Kansas here and go exploring the Milford Education Center and the Fish Hatchery, and learn more about the very important work they do conserving and protecting the wildlife in the area.

Image with information about Curtis Creek Campground in Kansas

For more information visit: recreation.gov

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