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Alaska RV Rental

Do you always end up tired after your vacation rather than feeling replenished? Do you plan your vacation for months and when it comes to enjoying it, you’re too anxious to have fun? Well, the solution to all these problems is closer than you think. Alaska RV rentals come in all sizes and are adequate to any budget.

What to expect when renting an RV in Alaska

If you’re unsure about whether Alaska RV rentals are right for you and your family, read on.
Our partners offer a hotline you can call at any time if you need help with anything: from providing support on how to use your RV to suggesting leisure activities like theatres, restaurants…

The insurance pack provided includes every possible mishap you might have, including earthquakes, animal impact, and any accident that might happen to your vehicle, you, or your family. We believe it’s better to be safe than sorry.

If you need roadside assistance, just ring the helpline and we’ll meet you anywhere to help.
The hotline offers information about the closest hospitals and pharmacies as well.
Relax and enjoy, we’ve taken care of everything you need for a perfect vacation.

Here are some of the available RVs in Alaska you can request to rent today:

If this is your first time renting an RV in Alaska, we have prepared a guide that will help you pick the right Alaska RV rental. Using our partners, you’ll be renting from an experienced RV dealer that will advise you on all things that you need for a perfect RV vacation.

If you’re looking into renting an RV in Alaska, you’re probably worried about the price. However, our partners offer options for all budgets, with prices starting from $88 per night for an 18-feet Camper Van and going up to $350 for 32-feet Class C. This means that no matter how much you have to spend in your vacation, we’ll find an option for you.

The state law allows you to rent an RV in Alaska starting at 21 years old. However, some RV rentals in Alaska ask for the driver to be 25 years old at least. You should confirm with your rental company before you book the vehicle.

Renting an RV is just like renting a car. If you would rent a car in any state, you would always need to get insurance for it, so RV rental in Alaska is no different. However, when renting through our partners, you get international insurance for your rental RV included in the price.

At the time of writing, the smallest motorhome available to rent in Alaska was a 12-feet custom 4×4 Truck Camper.

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Cheap RV rentals Alaska

If you’re on a budget, we can recommend you the cheapest Alaska RV rentals. These are perfect for a small family and you’ll love how convenient they are.

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Luxury RV rentals Alaska

If you’re looking for the best experience possible, we also offer several suggestions of luxury RV rentals in Alaska. These RVs offer you a luxury experience that you’d never guess you could get from a motorhome.

View Class A & B Alaska RV rentals

Now that we’ve cleared all your questions, let’s explore a few options of RV campgrounds in which you can park your Alaska RV rental!


Alaska RV rental

In the banks of the Chena River, this Fairbanks campsite is perfect to stop for a few nights on your way. The nightly rate is $54, and you get electric hookups, water, bathrooms, laundry, a restaurant and even a lovely souvenir shop. However, be warned that the terrain is quite rough, so be careful while driving in.

Located in Palmer, Alaska, this is a typical Alaskan campground. At a price of $50 per night, you can enjoy a few amenities such as water and electric, hookups, laundry, bathrooms and showers. The floor is gravel, but there are nice grass strips between sites that give it a cleaner look. This campground is very quiet and perfect if you’re looking for a calm, relaxing vacation.

In the city of Homer, Alaska, you can find the Heritage RV Park. It has quite a few amenities so the price might be a little expensive – $65 per night. However, if you have no issue with the price, it’s a great camping site with wi-fi and cable tv. You also get fire rings and picnic tables, which is quite nice, and if you’re travelling with your pet, you’ll have no issues here.

At $40 per night, you can get a good value for money in the Northern Nights Campground. Located in Glennallen, Alaska, the campsite includes showers, picnic tables, a dump station and wifi. Perfect if you’re looking to stop and park in a quiet place. Users mention that the facilities are extremely clean so it’s ideal to stay for a bit and explore the surroundings.

If you’re a fan of rough camping, you’ll love the Seaview RV Park. There is a cafe and bar if you’re not in the mood for cooking, and a great mountain view. You can also fish in the river close by, and in summer evenings the bar comes to life with live music. Not the campground for you if you’re looking for peace and quiet, but ideal if you’re travelling with friends for good fun. The nightly rate is $30.

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, this is a free campground right in the middle of the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge. You’ll love this place; if you get there early, you might snatch one of the lovely lake view sites. If you don’t, the lake is still close by if you walk just for a bit. It does get crowded in the summer, but we definitely recommend it.

Another riverside campground, except the Swanson River Campground is for free. If you love canoeing and want a sporty vacation in a secluded spot, this is the way to go. The place offers fire rings and picnic tables, and it is also a pet-friendly location. Ideal for canoe and water sports fanatics.

This RV Park is well-known for its lovely ambiance with very helpful staff and an awesome community vibe that will make anyone feel at home. The facilities are very clean and taken care of, so you can expect a comfortable stay. Nightly rate is $50, but it is not that much when you think of the amenities: full hookups, laundry, showers, wifi, picnic tables… One of our favourites.

If you love fishing, you’ll love the Swiftwater Park & Campground. Kenai River is at walking distance, and Swiftwater is a lot quieter than the Centennial Park. The spots are on the larger side with picnic tables and fire rings. There’s also boat access in the campground, firewood and water available. All in all, a great choice at $21 per night.

If peace and quiet is your idea of a perfect vacation, Morgans Landing State Rec Area is the right spot for you. The park sites are quite large, which is nice if you rent a bigger RV. Every site has its own picnic table and fire pit. If you’re on a budget, the nightly rate is only $15, which is quite reasonable for the amenities provided.

So, are you ready to take on Alaska with your rental RV? We promise you’ll love it, and the lakes and rivers in the area make this place perfect for a fishing trip, boating, and many other options.

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